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International School in Mumbai reveals top four benefits of technology in building best futures ahead

November 24, 2020

Technology has completely modified the world we live in. Electronic gadgets have become reflections of our personalities and interest. They hold a lot of that’s necessary to us. Amidst such transformation, the world of education is also changing as the modern world continues to grow. With most progress happening, it is important that education be able to reach the genius minds in new ways so that they are ready for the long run.

Therefore CP Goenka International School in Mumbai takes a step forward with technology and shares the top four benefits in learning with advancements.

1. Personalized Education Experience

With supportive technological tools like websites, apps, learning games, e-books, and virtual tutoring student are learning at their own pace. Knowing that all learners acquire information in different ways, virtual learning is advantageous for all of them. Digital materials like audio-visual presentation not only supports online classroom learning topics but also paves the way to help teachers make their classes more interesting and engaging for their learners. It also has a long-lasting impact on the learner’s minds which helps them to stay focused.

2. Instant Access To Knowledge

The Internet gives students instant access to answers that are beyond textbooks along with a holistic view of any given subject while still guiding them to find the right sources. Making use of present-day technology to make presentations, conduct research, prepare for exams, students gain a competitive edge in the real world. Students can also use the internet to access their course material and to participate in peer discussion groups. Many PC applications like MS Word or Docs have inherent dictionaries which may facilitate youngsters work on and improve their vocabulary and writing skills.

3. Student Workplace Readiness

One of the greatest benefits of virtual learning is student workplace readiness. The importance of technology in learning goes even beyond simple digital literacy. It promotes workplace soft skills like critical thinking, freelance analysis, and cross-technology proficiency. This gives the guarantee that students will not have any difficulties with using technology when they are out there in the workplace, which might serve to make them more competitive compared to an individual who didn’t have access to a definite software system or technology in class.

4. Proven Student Engagement

Blended learning styles keep students focused longer and make them excited to learn more, especially for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects. Hence by integrating technology into lesson plans as well as using it to expand one’s own knowledge of subject matter is one of the significant difference in the virtual classroom. By introducing it in our classrooms, we ensure that our budding learners are equipped with the right knowledge, in the right environment with better tools to make the transition from the classroom to real life.

Technology beyond any doubt will still evolve, and it’s vital to develop our ways of guiding young minds and strengthening their roots furthermore. Our teachers at IGCSE Board Schools in Mumbai are the foot soldiers of education, and they are ready to implement technology in teaching through as many ways as possible. Being part of a progressive school our educators acknowledge the significant importance technology plays in guiding tomorrow’s leaders.

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