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International School in Mumbai Motivates the Reader Inside Every Child with These Boosting Tips and Tools!

February 25, 2021

Reading has deep ties with history. From papyrus rolls to e-books, we as readers have adapted to multiple forms for reading. For ages, we have used various reading formats as a form of knowledge obtainment. Yet, today, it proves to be the best source for communication and recording information. However, with advancements in the technological landscape, the younger generation is exposed to divergent mediums of information. While the kids today are going at arm’s length from books, you should inspire them to read excessively to be future-ready.

IGCSE board schools in Mumbai list down the benefits of reading and how it helps children achieve milestones.

   Enhance Cognitive Development - Cognitive development involves the emergence of the ability to think and understand. Therefore when a child reads, he imagines and perceives things better comparatively to audio-visual modes and understands its surroundings through intelligence, memory, reasoning, and processing.

   Improve Language Skills - The language used in books is always an advantage for kids, as the structure of words and sentences in it is more descriptive and follows formal structures of grammar. It makes the child much ready for future challenges and opportunities progressing literacy and social skills in them.

   Escalates Imagination And Creativity - While reading books, children often experience feelings like empathy, thrill, and excitement by picturising the characters in their sense. This insightful learning via reading drives learners to explore their environment in creative ways and learn effectively.

   Inculcates Discipline - It might take a month to finish one book page by page, but gradually after constant attention and concentration, the reading becomes disciplined. Nonetheless, it is not only confined till here. Being an avid reader helps remain disciplined for continuing any work until it finishes.

In essence, if you want to make your beloved one succeed comprehensively, you must motivate them to read. Doing so will become a fun exercise that will open doors to all kinds of a new world for them. Thus International School in Mumbai shares a couple of reading tips that you can follow to encourage children to read more.

   Foster A Love Of Book - Usually, children copy attributes of their family members. So when you read in front of them, it instils a reading behaviour that works both at a conscious and subconscious level. You can lead by examples to promote reading in your child.

   Connect With Real-Life Incidents - Talk to your kids about the current book they are reading and exchange conversations about real-life incidents concerning the topic. It creates an instant connection between the real world and the book generating more interest to read.

   Take Up Local Library Subscription - You should make your kids surrounded by books by all means. From the local library in your vicinity, take a subscription that might do away with buying books for your kid. By doing this, you can ensure there’s enough material available for the kid to choose from the following.

   Support The Child - Timely appreciation and constant support help the child develop confidence in the reading style and attitude. Every learner encounters difficulties while reading or writing, but with the right set of guidance, one can overcome any complexities.

While there exist several reasons why you should motivate your kids to read, IGCSE board schools in Mumbai believe that none stands above your love for the kid to grow and succeed. You certainly know that not every child loves to read. However, by enabling them to read, you can make them do wonders.

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