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International Education in Mumbai - 10 Reasons It's Worth It

September 28, 2023

The radical development of the Indian economy has raised the bar for internationalism. The latest aspirational Indian parents want their children to have global thinking. Children In India must now be prepared for the new world while being confident and assertive. Hence, parents mustn't compromise educational quality. This is why parents now choose the International School in Mumbai, which will benefit both parents and children. This article will look at the benefits of international schools in India.

International Education in Mumbai

1. International Schools Will Always Be Relevant

Subjects like global perspective, societies, environmental systems, foreign languages, and business management are beyond the world of academic study as they are also used in the real world. For instance, the global perspective talks about real-world issues provides a critical inquiry into the primary global issues, and encourages a reflection from a different point of view, whether global, personal, or local.

2. Broad Curriculum

One of the remarkable features of International School in Oshiwara is the IBDP, IGCSE, and A Levels. The CAIE provides the IGCSE and IBDP is managed by the International Baccalaureate Organization. These programs have command and recognition in India and throughout the world.

The IGCSE program runs through 9 and 10, allowing children to choose 7 to 10 subjects. It allows students to enhance education quality and make informed decisions for their careers.

A Level is generally a two-year course after grade X. This program allows students to choose from 55 subjects, and schools offer them in any combination.

IBDP is also a two-year program that covers the breadth of learning. Throughout two years, students will learn 6 subjects selected from six groups, follow a Knowledge theory course, extend an essay, and participate in CAS.

3. Holistic Development

International education offers a rounded development throughout academics, focusing on extracurricular activities. These activities include Drama, Music, Speech, Dance, Robotics, Culinary Arts, Gymnastics, and whatnot.

4. Teacher-Student Ratio

International schools in Mumbai have a limited number of students in every class. The approximate ratio between student and teacher varies from 1:6 for lower classes to 1:15 for higher classes. This restricted ratio maximizes the teachers' attention and allows them to teach students according to their adaptability.

5. Experimental Learning

Experimental learning is industry visits, field trips, immersion programs, internships, etc. The experimental goal is to allow students to use their teachings in the real world.

6. Cultural Hybridity

The International School in Oshiwara classes have pupils from different countries, backgrounds, or cultures. The diverse environment allows students to acquire a new point of view, coexistence, and learning.

7. Soft-Skill Development

Through the rigorous curriculum exposure of the International School in Oshiwara, students will acquire a sense of independence, discipline, responsibility, time management, confidence, problem-solving, sensitivity, and maturity.

8. Enrichment Opportunities

International Schools such as CP Goenka International School provide internship programs, overseas exchange programs, immersion programs, national and international competitions, etc. These programs improve the growth of their students and form enriched learning.

9. Emphasis On Research Skills

The International School In Mumbai has laid a robust foundation for research and critical thinking. It goes beyond the rote learning model of intellectual and schooling model that encourages students to enquire, research, and think. Critical thinking and research are essential skills that encourage questioning, reasoning, inquiry, rationality, and logic instead of accepting ideas at face value.

10. Teacher Professional Development

International Schools host regular training and workshops that enhance the skillsets of teachers. Teachers in International Schools are given a flexible environment that makes teaching and education robust with higher quality which is beneficial for both student's and teachers' mental health.


The significance and benefits of International Schools in Oshiwara go beyond academic excellence. Students can gain real-world experience and excel academically with international schools like CP Goenka International School. This school not only leads the way for students but also molds them into committed, sensitive, and competent youth for the betterment of society.

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