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Interactive and Two-Way Focussed Virtual Learning at IBDP Board School in Mumbai

July 21, 2020

From working at offices to working from homes, from outdoors to indoors and from socialising to conferencing, the entire world has quickly taken a digital stance bringing everything to the inches of the laptop or the computer screen. It is with this digital change that even the learning experiences of our children have changed from the blackboard and green boards to now the virtual boards of e-learning.

As one of the leading , we, at C.P Goenka International School are known for taking the leap and setting trends when it comes to education. Keeping up with the movements and ensuring a healthy education and learning experience for our students we, at C.P Goenka International School have not only adopted the digital model of education for all our classes but have also ensured a holistic learning experience for our students through a specially curated interactive e-learning platform. While various IGCSE and IBDP Schools in Mumbai have taken to the zoom approach of teaching, at C.P Goenka International school, we have curated a whole new experience based e-learning model keeping the students entertained and focused both at the same time.

A child when studying from home goes through several distractions, be it in the form of household activities, family’s chatter or even the smell of their meal from the kitchen. Although having a separate study room or study space helps most students to focus their attention towards their teachers’ screens, there are always means that spring up taking the students’ mind into series of wandering thoughts. Thus, in order to cope with this, our e-learning platform has been designed to keep the student active throughout the lectures with several tools and exciting activities. From timely tests and evaluation activities to even one-on-one mentorship from our teachers, our learning platform helps students and teachers to assess the level of learnings of each student with the help of activity based exams and quizzes. Not only this, as an IBDP Board school in Mumbai, we have endowed our learning from international teaching standards by incorporating the evidence based style of teaching that helps students learn better and even remember concepts through practical applications. We understand that no matter how advanced a technology could be, learning is always successful with an element of humanistic interactions and therefore our teachers are trained to provide the students just that. Our platform enables teachers to develop a two-way communication between the students keeping them engaged in discussions and dialogues throughout the lecture thereby keeping the spirit of a traditional classroom alive through the virtual rooms.

At C.P Goenka, we believe in the balance of work and play for our students and therefore have also curated a special segment for games and activities for our students that not only help them learn other practical and logical skills but also keep them entertained through peer interactions and friendly competitive gaming bringing the classroom experience alive within the comforts of their homes.

With our virtual e-learning platforms and with our holistic academic programs and experiences, we at C.P Goenka are here to not only live up to be the best IBDP and IGCSE board schools in Mumbai but also to our vision of making our students equipped and smart individuals of a Digital tomorrow.

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