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Innovative Learning at CP Goenka: A Premier IGCSE School in Oshiwara

The education system for the globalised world should transcend borders and prepare students for international success. The traditional academic environment in India causes learners to face different challenges. For instance, most students experience issues like a lack of resources and bad infrastructure. Thus, for a higher-quality education, you can choose an international school in India. CP Goenka is a highly reputed IGSCE school in Oshiwara. The learning environment and teaching strategies at this school are different from those of the traditional schools.

The educational environment that inspires students to learn

CP Goenka has maintained the best standard while creating the learning environment for students. There are climate-controlled spacious classrooms monitored by closed-circuit television. So, your children will feel safe and comfortable in the classroom. Moreover, there are Wi-Fi-enabled smart TVs to let students work collaboratively. It enables them to leverage technology to study new things. The LED screen and digital boards simplify the teaching process.

Science labs and innovation labs are also equipped with modern technology. The high-tech machinery allows the science students to have a solid understanding of different complex issues. Furthermore, the innovation lab provides tools for programming and engineering projects. These technologically advanced arrangements inspire young minds to engage in experimental activities. The lab setup makes the children curious about any new subject. The open conversation between the teachers and the students accelerates the learning pace. Teachers in CP Goenka serve as the mentors of students and help them delve deep into the world of imagination.

The school premises also include a multi-purpose hall where learners can build memories in their academic lives. For instance, they can join music lessons, participate in debates, and play games with their peers. Thus, CP Goenka is concerned not just about the academic improvements of their students. Learners get the opportunity to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

CPGIS teachers provide individual attention to every student-

As a reputed international school, CPGIS maintains a good student-to-teacher ratio. It helps teachers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every learner. The teacher gets a solid understanding of the student’s knowledge. Students also benefit from CPGIS because they receive better guidance from teachers. This approach reduces the need for private tutors. Students become more confident and attentive in their classroom. They will get a better learning experience and show an improved performance in the exam. This is how CPGIS has made the teaching approach different from other schools in Oshiwara.

Teaching techniques for students of different levels-

Pre-primary- Pre-schoolers are active learners who like to learn something by touching and listening. Free play allows them to develop language skills. It also helps them build emotional and cognitive strength.

Primary- Learners are presented with abstract concepts to strengthen their imaginative power. With self-reflection and self-expression, they become independent learners.

Secondary- Technology is used for teaching secondary-level learners. Digital learning tools also accelerate the learning process. Moreover, students engage in research activities to become more creative.

Innovative learning methods in the IGSCE school-

The IGCSE curriculum covers different subjects, allowing learners to explore their strengths and interests. From sciences to languages and humanities, students can make their own choices based on their preferences. So, find how teachers at CPGIS implement various methods for teaching their students.

Blended learning programs-

As an international school, CPGIS has chosen the blended learning program for students. It has combined digital learning with conventional face-to-face teaching. Blended learning is highly advantageous for students because it makes the learning process more active. Learners can leverage benefits from materials provided during in-class discussions and virtual activities.

The best fact is that blended learning does not force learners to learn new things at the same pace. The educational programme will make their skills stronger and improve their digital competencies.

CPGIS believe that learning and teaching processes should be flexible and dynamic to meet the children’s needs.

Active learning -

The best IGCSE school stimulates children to actively participate in the learning process. For instance, they need to take part in debates and group discussions. Moreover, with hands-on activities, students can gain some practical knowledge. The special approach helps with a deeper understanding of academic concepts and improves the critical thinking skills of learners. This learning process nurtures your children’s brains to build a connection between old and new information.

Cooperative teaching -

CPGIS knows the importance of teamwork for any big project. Teachers help students create different groups and promote the collaborative process. So, each group may comprise only a few students, and each has been assigned particular responsibilities. Group members have to accomplish their tasks to achieve the goals.

This teaching method promotes the development of critical life skills and social interactions. What’s more, students can achieve better thinking skills and build interpersonal relationships.

Student-centred approach -

Educators at CPGIS have incorporated a student-centred learning approach into the curriculum. Students can make their own plans and make evaluations. The aim of the teachers is to help learners become the future leaders. So, your children will develop leadership skills with this approach. Moreover, personalised learning is highly advantageous and adaptable to learners.

With the student-centred learning process, learners can get decision-making opportunities. The hands-on approach to education helps students nurture creativity and gain analytical thinking skills. Thus, this teaching approach keeps students motivated and engaged.

Project-based learning -

CPGIS and other international schools focus on the project-based learning process that inspires creativity and problem-solving skills. It is a unique approach to building a stronger understanding of concepts. Your children will learn how to find the best solution for every problem.

The educational value of the project-learning process is that it unlocks the creative potential of learners. Your kids will feel confident while working through difficult problems.

To conclude, CP Goenka has chosen innovative strategies to impart education. It wants to provide a comprehensive learning solution for every learner. The school has adopted the IGCSE board for modern and competitive education. The spacious campus and well-planned classroom layout have created the best academic environment for students.

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