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IGCSE Board Schools in Mumbai Draw Attention to Important Lessons to Learn from COVID-19

April 27, 2020

2020 was supposed to be the year the world changed and so it did. The change may not have come in the way we expected it or wanted it, but it arrived in the form of COVID-19. As instance after instance comes to light about how nature has been healing and breathing freely again, ever since the world entered various stages of lockdown, it is time for us to realise that mankind has made mistakes and nature is simply giving us a reality check and a chance to rectify it.

IGCSE Board Schools in Mumbai Draw Attention to Important Lessons to Learn from COVID-19

CP Goenka International school, one of the best international schools in Mumbai and Pune has undertaken several initiatives to make this lockdown a little easier on its students and their parents. Virtual learning, DIY activities, home assignments, etc are just some of them. The school is also making an effort to shed light on the lessons we learn from the current global landscape, while also giving parents refill of positivity and hope to help them and the students cope better.

In the current times where every broadcasting sector is flashing the latest updates of the pandemic over the world, sharing information at home amongst each other is crucial. Parenting plays a significant role in guiding a child through this. To make them aware of the crisis, it is important to negotiate with them with openness and honesty. This will help you protect your children and make them cautious in nature while at home. It’s high time we utilize this time to create a flexible consistent daily routine and take away our minds from the hassles of the previous schedule. Mental health is as important as physical health. It is necessary to strike the balance between both to survive in this extended lockdown with peace of mind and health stability.

In the absence of teachers, parents are a full-time guide to their respective children. Inculcate all the necessary values in them which are essential for their constant growth. Productivity shouldn’t be staggered at any cost. Remind them that staying active will keep them distant from various other forms of illness. Doing simple physical activities like yoga, dancing, singing, painting will help them manage their time effectively. Also indulging in such activities will keep them away from boredom. In between a full-time schedule it becomes difficult to manage personal and professional space. Lockdown is the opportunity where you can interact with your child, know their dreams, skills, insecurities and assist them accordingly to the right path. CP Goenka International School’s IGCSE board in Pune and Mumbai are engaging students with DIY activities and assignments that are channelizing positivity and happiness within learners to keep them distracted and going on.

Everyone is fighting constantly from the unplanned breakdown of coronavirus to get back to their normal lives once again by taking extra care of everything related to them or around them. Accepting and dealing with the fact that all the activities have been paused for a while, we are still on duties as a citizen of this country. This massive transformation on earth has taught humanitarian some real big lessons. Things we randomly did earlier, are a big part of our all-day routine in present times. We never took washing hands, drinking clean boiled water, covering face while sneezing and coughing seriously until now, when following these steps is the only option left. We can defeat coronavirus only when we practice adequate hygiene-levels daily and overcome this circumstance worldwide leading towards a better tomorrow.

As we struggle to wade our way through the year 2020, a particular quote serves as a ray of hope in these trying times – the darkest hour of the night comes just before dawn. So even though everything may seem really dark right now, we must remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if we can’t see it just yet.

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