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IGCSE Board Schools In Mumbai defines the parent’s role in online classes for kids

October 21, 2020

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world, the learning style for students has changed worldwide. The sector functioning of education has gone through immense alteration. Suddenly learners have moved outside their classroom and have been introduced to an innovative methodology called ‘Virtual Learning’, the most sought after ways to impart learning.

Knowing that this 21st century concept called ‘E-Learning’ defines the format of studying from home where kids stay indoors for their safety and security, it can be equally intriguing for millennial parents. Acknowledging the challenges that online learning brings along, parents have to be well-versed to lead the path for their children.

Thus to embark the journey of academics successfully in these unprecedented times, CP Goenka International School in Mumbai shares some constructive ways that parents can follow to support kids during their online classroom sessions.

1. List down the necessities for online classes

Make sure that your child has all the required materials needed for virtual classes. Internet access devices such as computer/laptop/mobile phone, headphones, and mouse along with active internet, must be kept ready. Also, other stationaries like book and pen must be inclusive. Read login instructions available on the mentioned application. And now that you’ve set up the basics for your child, they are ready to attend the virtual classes.

2. Set up a permanent study space

Accepting the fact that surrounding makes a big difference in making up a positive mindset, it can be tricky for children to focus on studies in a room that’s busy with multiple chores. Hence arrange a pair of a desk and a chair, so they are comfortable enough amidst the entire session. Also, ensure adequate lighting to eliminate the darkness. Assure zero level disturbance while the student is interacting within the class.

3. Build timetable with your child

Guide children practically and make them responsible for their tasks. Sit with them and sketch out weekly tasks they need to accomplish to keep a track on learning as well as lifestyle. Designate time for each work, academic or non-academic. Place and pin these planned routines in the exposed area of your house. It will make them accountable.

4. Introduce yourself to virtual aspects

Take out some time to learn in-depth about your child’s learning tool, a place where your child will probably spend a half-day. You can also take them through the navigation process, so they become friendly users. Teach them to communicate efficiently through microphone or chat and take notes actively.

5. Interact with the teachers

Parents must understand that the virtual classroom is a new concept for teachers as well as the students. Being the dedicated professionals, teachers will guide your child with consciously each passing day. Nevertheless, if you wish to raise a query wait until the class concludes and then ask your questions just like you do in a traditional classroom.

As in between all the shifts, the key factor always remains motivation and encouragement. It becomes highly important to set the right tone of commencing experience for you and your child. Thus IGCSE Board Schools in Mumbai comes forward in enriching the entire procedure efficaciously.

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