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IBDP Schools in Mumbai Open Virtually for Students, as the Country Undergoes Unlock 1.0

June 18, 2020

With the help of the Unlock 1.0 guidelines, the country finally makes an attempt to get back on its feet and restore what can only be called the ‘new normal’ life. This is also just in time for the new academic year to begin. However, since the guidelines still restrict schools and colleges from opening, IBDP schools in Mumbai are virtually opening up the semester for its students. CP Goenka International School, one of the best IBDP schools in Mumbai has begun online classes across all branches to help students adapt to virtual learning, which is the way forward for educational institutions across the world.

IBDP Schools in Mumbai Open Virtually for Students, as the Country Undergoes Unlock 1.0

Being an IGCSE school in Mumbai, CPGIS has wasted no time in adopting new-age technology and methods to impart education to its students. The administration and management staff have taken efforts to revise the curriculum to suit newer methodologies and even prepared structured timetables to give students a sense of stability. The rules of a physical classroom also apply to virtual classes and the curriculum is taught just the way it would be in a conventional way. Moreover, the school has also started giving students graded assignments which they are supposed to submit virtually.

To make matters more interesting, CPGIS also introduced ‘The Imagination Soup’ contest for the students. The purpose of the contest is to encourage students to express themselves in any form of art and literature. The reward system is simply an added incentive to motivate the students, but the real aim is to help students channelize their thoughts and emotions in a creative and healthy way. Given that the current times are stressful, Imagination Soup is a platform for students to share their imagination and get recognized for it.

While we collectively work towards rising above the circumstances, the school is also preparing itself to welcome the students back to school. Sanitization is being done of all school premises and safety protocols above and beyond the ones given in the government guidelines are being put in place to ensure students’ safety. The management is also dedicatedly working towards making the transition as smooth as it can be for its students and faculty.

As an IGCSE school in Mumbai, CPGIS has been a pioneer in adapting to the lockdown situation and initiating virtual classes. We have been proactive in helping our students cope with the circumstances and get through these times with the right guidance. We will continue to work towards making the new system as easy for the students as possible, while also ensuring that the quality of education they receive is not compromised.

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