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IBDP Schools in Mumbai leap forward to teach students to deal with digital misinformation

October 20, 2020

There is no denying that there are two sides of a coin. And it becomes more complicated when people present their side of the story. It becomes difficult to tell or know the fact from the fiction. Especially for the budding learners, this can be troubling because so much fake news is rotating as real. Misinformation or disinformation, both the type of spread can distort one’s world view.

Any fake news, misinformation, and propaganda have the potential to polarise public opinion, extreme violence, hate speeches, and undermine democratic processes. Thus, to empower students with necessary competencies so they can critically understand and assess information reported by all forms of media in the digital era, IBDP Schools in Mumbai initiates a drive that will guide them throughout the hoaxes revolving around in contemporary times.

1. Curate reliable feeds of information

Undertaking one person’s word as truth for the simple or complex matter may lead you to misconceptions. Hence it is necessary to stay connected with individuals or groups that are reliable such as family, teachers, social activists, news channels, etc. In this way, you will ensure multiple perspectives and also broaden your horizon towards the better adaptation of information.

2. Understand how individuals persuade

Know that connection with media literacy can be a good entry point to understand how individuals persuade. People persuade via some or the other medium which goes vocal through audio, video, or writing. Thus if you develop a habit of reading, listening, and then thinking, you will get away from all the biases and get closer to reality.

3. Hone search strategy skills

To fulfil your objective in a world where a lot is being said and justified, you can be an independent researcher to gain meaningful information. By utilizing search engines, you can find the most accurate news or knowledge facts. Learning to witness the fact by self will boost your cognitive senses and make you more responsible and worthy for the right to information as a citizen.

4. Create content for an audience

Always remember that each piece of truthful and correct information must resonate amongst all the citizens worldwide. So to bring upheaval, you can be the initiator by sharing and acting as a bridge between the right and the rightful. You can raise your voice with the advent of the internet. Through various digital creation tools, you can pass on the information safely to your peers and readers. It can be an audio, image, video, or a blog.

Accepting the fact, that it has become the need of the hour to provide students with a solid education on media and information literacy, CP Goenka, The Best International School in Mumbai pledges to educate learners who are leaders of the tomorrow and global citizen of the future.

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