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IBDP Schools in Mumbai Apprise Parents About Dealing with a Lesser Concentration in Children

January 20, 2021

IBDP Schools In Mumbai believe that every child is unique and requires a specific environment to reach the potential. But while living in the current scenario, where everyone around seems to be a competition, it becomes tough to lift the excess burden as a child. There is constant pressure to perform better which drifts them away from the most important aspect of their life. They lose focus as well as interest in their academics.

Adhering to the fact that education plays a crucial role in the holistic development of a child, unnecessary force or lack of concentration can ruin the schooling experience. However, nothing is impossible for parents! There are some proactive steps that can be taken to help the kid develop better study habits and learning skills. Best A Level Schools In Mumbai covers specific steps that can guide you if you find yourself in such a position.

Acceptance Before Expectations

As parents, we have a lot of expectations and hopes from our children which may act as an unnecessary burden on them. Thus, it is important to accept where your child is standing. Remember that it is okay to be average than being good for nothing. Once you’re comfortable with the fact, you can share your idea of success with the beloved one and see him achieve step by step.

Encourage Their Curiosity

Uplift your child’s curiosity, motivate it, and give it the right direction. Grant them space to find answers by selves. Allow them to wonder about topics independently. Answer their question with a question, so they become curious to learn more things. Don’t get irritated over your child’s tendency to ask what, why and how. Always answer with patience.

Learning Together

Just like the family eats together and celebrates together, make sure to learn together too! Read compelling books or either watch documentaries on different subjects. Going to museums and the zoo can also be an excellent idea. Show enthusiasm towards learning new things and explore education-related tools to let the child follow the essence.

Minimize Distractions

From the morning till evening 24/7 round the clock, we are surrounded by technology. And because kids form habits quickly, they often get captivated by these gadgets. They like playing video games, watching movies and browsing the internet. Therefore it is a must to keep an eye on their screen time in order to minimize distractions and help them focus on their studies.

Stay Positive

Focus on the strengths of your child and not on weaknesses. If your child is not interested in a particular subject, find a course of action that meet his interests. For instance, if the child is lacking in maths, replace traditional approaches with the contemporary ones. Watch videos on the internet or use play and learn format. This will escalate progression and your child will develop faith in oneself that will lead him to pursue other fields of knowledge too.

Being the Best A Level Schools In Mumbai, we understand that the idea of learning can differ from individual to individual, nevertheless the environment of learning remains relatively rigid. Hence it is crucial to bestow every budding student with a co-operative and consistent environment that time and again highlights the need to be well-read as well as well-informed.

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