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Avoiding these 5 things While Speaking with the Child

February 26, 2021

As parents, it is not an easy job to take care of self as well as others at the same time. You may encounter circumstances where you feel tired or upset and go overboard with scolding your child. But do you realize that these words, which may appear inconsequential, have the power to leave permanent damage to a child’s mind and self-esteem? Adhering to the fact that a budding child’s mind is as sensitive and supple as a sapling, it’s important for us parents to make sure that our words don’t influence the kind of person our kid grows into.

Therefore Best Schools In Mumbai highlight a few things that every parent must be cautious about saying undertaking its adverse effects.

Be exactly like your sibling!

Be it extra-curricular in schools or academics, comparing siblings can make them associate how much they are loved with their results, scores, behaviours. Sometimes an average performance compared to the other sibling can also lead to anger and resentment. Thus, it’s important to encourage your child to compare his current results with his past one. In this way, he can learn to recognize his own efforts and give more.

You’re growing fat.

Every individual becomes self-critical when it comes to appearance. While it might be true that losing weight can be beneficial for health, calling any kid fat to their face can damage their confidence and cause them stress and anxiety. Fat shaming is usually the major cause of eating disorders among children. Instead, it would help if you put emphasis on the pros of eating healthy and staying fit so they can relish life from a positive perspective.

Boys don’t cry.

Parents should acknowledge that emotions are not the forte of any one gender. Phrases like man up or boys don’t cry state that emotions are a vulnerability or validity bias of gender. As parents, we know that whether it’s a boy or a girl, any kid will react similarly by crying when hurt. Avoid using sentences that relate gender with any particular characteristic. Empower their individuality and hone their personalities beyond the barriers.

Do this or else…

Vague threats of violence and punishment might make your kid hear you for a meanwhile, but it will soon wear off. Moreover, it will hinder the bond and trust between you and your kid. Therefore take some time to explain to them the ‘why’ behind your requests and the consequences of their actions as this will make your child more accepting and articulated.

Nobody needs a child like you!

Among the things to avoid telling kids, maybe the foremost hurtful one is telling them they’re not needed. It’s common for parents to get agitated and tell their kids that no one needs a child like you. However, as parents, we have to understand that their associations in the outer world acts as influence behind their behaviour. Thus, whenever your child misconducts, try to hunt for the factors that are causing them to act in that manner.

The reason why since childhood the kids are taught to listen to their parents is that as they always know what’s best for them. Because of this, the Best Schools In Mumbai firmly believe that it’s a huge responsibility on the parents part to balance the mind and soul of a child the right way without dissociating them. Hence, with rightful counselling, IB Schools In Mumbai request all the parents to measure the intensity of their actions on the basis of psychological impact!

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