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How To Stop Procrastinating Prior To Exams

October 20, 2022

Procrastination is the practice of ignoring or delaying action. There is more to procrastination than the one term you will find in the dictionary. The phrase has a deeper meaning that is ultimately accompanied by a great deal of regret. However, procrastination has a taste that is too good to ignore. Therefore, despite countless parental cautions, students still enjoy putting off studying for examinations. When students prefer to binge-watch internet content rather than study, their eagerness to "complete a chapter in one day" turns into a distant fantasy.

Children can delay tasks for similar reasons as adults do. They frequently avoid addressing the root of their procrastination and are viewed as violators rather than victims. Further investigation revealed techniques to stop procrastination by C.P. Goenka International School in Thane. Learn the following reasons first.


Although the phrase is frequently used to describe adult life, children really encounter it more frequently. They establish a goal for themselves, and the worry that they won't accomplish it causes them extreme anxiety.

Lack of motivation

Everyone's mood has been negatively impacted by this syndrome. Students' prolonged disengagement from school has made them careless with their education. People have lost sight of their long-term objectives, particularly during the pandemic.

Unattainable goals

Children are no longer grounded in reality due to the pandemic. They frequently struggle to justify their decisions. Targeting to complete several chapters in a single day can occasionally become too hard, therefore they need to work on it.

Fear of failure

Children have a profound dread of failing.  They take it extremely seriously when they fail to complete even only ten sums a day. Thus, they live in continual fear.


Not all causes of procrastination are centred on kids. Some of them also include parental involvement. Are you one of those parents who pressures your kids to be a perfectionist? Be honest in your response. When parents give their kids goals like this, the kids accept it as a true challenge and don't turn out to be practitioners or perfectionists.

Mental & physical exhaustion

After a long day at the office, you feel overtired, and your kids do too. Children's energy can be completely depleted by excessive strain over schoolwork or other activities. Avoid putting your child under undue pressure.

How to Stop Procrastination?

Every issue there is a remedy for beneath the sun. The key is how quickly you use it. It's simple to avoid procrastination if you follow these simple instructions:

Developing practical plans

Encourage your child to develop sensible plans.Let them know what they can do, so they can make plans. Encourage them if they can complete one sum in an hour. Tell them to speed up while keeping their movement realistic.

Making a to-do list

When you clearly understand what needs to be done, your day becomes lovely. You won't have to put off doing tasks if you break them up into smaller chunks. You cannot even begin to conceive how successful your children will become if you teach them the same values.

Organising tasks

Do you understand the causes of clutter? So it must be managed from the start. Make sure your youngster does not make the same error you did. Teach them to occasionally organise their tasks. Help them become a highly organised person.

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Procrastination, in the opinion of the CBSE School in Pune, is not just one habit. A variety of undesirable habits are present. Your child's life will be easier to navigate and success will be waiting for them at every step if they can say goodbye to it in their teenage years.

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