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How to Keep Children Engaged During Lockdown 2020 – Recommendations from the Best International Schools in Mumbai

April 25, 2020

Over the weeks, COVID-19 has been the talk of town quite literally. But all is not lost yet as our country and the world is relentlessly fighting this global threat. Amidst the nationwide lockdown, companies continue to work remotely and millions of students of the best international schools in Pune, Mumbai and other cities find themselves bored and frustrated. But surprisingly, social media has been full of positivity and people have been sharing ways to remain sane and productive in these trying times.

How to Keep Children Engaged During Lockdown 2020 – Recommendations from the Best International Schools in Mumbai

Best international schools in Mumbai and across the country began virtual classrooms to keep students on track with studies. However, it is also important for parents to keep the students engaged at home for they are sure to get bored of the monotony of staying indoors otherwise. To resolve this, below are some tips recommended by the teachers of CP Goenka International School, one of the best international school in Mumbai, on how to keep children engaged during lockdown 2020 as we wait for the world to get back on its feet.

1. Make your own games

Not being allowed to go outdoors can be pretty frustrating for growing kids and there is only so much you can watch on TV. So, get creative and make your own games. This is one of the best learning methods implied by some of the best international schools in Mumbai, Pune and other cities. Something as simple as cleaning your room to get a bonus dessert can also be made into game. Add a timer and some competition.

2. Organise Treasure Hunt at home

A good way to keep the children active and playful is to organise a treasure hunt around the house. This not only acquaints them with what is where around the house, but also allows them to put their curiosity to work and get hunting. Arrange for a special prize when they complete the treasure hunt. You can also switch places with your kids and ask them to organize a treasure hunt for you. This way, both parents and kids can get creative and fun during the lockdown.

3. Art and Craft

Whether it is making best of waste or learning how to become the next Picasso, art and craft is one of the best ways to keep the children engaged. Not only is this a good way to keep them busy, but it also acts as a medium of self-expression. Best international schools in Pune and other schools across the country have made at and craft a mandator subject in school to teach the students various mediums of emotional expression. So, save all the cardboards, stationery, colours and papers and let your children get creative. Take it a notch further and make it a competition to add some spice to it.

CP Goenka International School recognises that the lockdown can become really frustrating for children since they have a lot of pent up energy at this age. Their minds are constantly seeking stimulation in newer, fun ways. These tried and tested tips recommended by the qualified teaching faculty of the school is sure to keep the children engaged and void of lethargy and laziness.

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