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Honing Personalities Through Sports And Activities For A Better Growth!

february 15, 2020

Today, with education becoming increasingly competitive and demanding, having our children focussed on studies with minimal distractions has become a must for almost every parent. However, on the flip side, we also realise that for a child’s overall development physical education and training and other extra-curricular activities are also an integral part for making them active and healthy. Thus, for parents, these two aspects of a child’s development have always torn us apart as finding the perfect balance between studies and activities for our kid becomes a tough job. It is with the vision of maintaining this balance between the two that our curriculum brings to your child a learning experience that integrates education with activities and play making it a simpler, easier and fun process for your child.

Honing Personalities Through Sports And Activities For A Better Growth!

Being one of the few IGCSE board schools in Mumbai, CP Goenka International School has not only adopted a global standard of education but also ensured a curriculum that creates a flawless blend of learning through books, classroom teachings, applications and even physical activities and sports. We believe that education is not just about theoretical knowledge and cognitive development but also about overall personality, character and skill development that makes a child grow up to be smarter, healthier and better. Our application based learning technique is therefore clubbed with excellent and best in class infrastructure that helps students take interest in their learning and explore their own understanding through activity. From smart boards in classroom to even an artificial FIFA approved football turf, from robotics and data sessions to even a music and dance class, from a comprehensive examination system to even a fun filled cafeteria; our amenities assist every child’s all round development and growth in the best way possible. Our curriculum infuses sports, activities and arts into science and technology helping every child to identify their own field of interest and careers to become successful individuals of tomorrow and rewarding us with the title of being one of the best international schools in Pune and Mumbai.

At CP Goenka International School, we drive our teachings with an underlying philosophy of “Personality over Percentage”. As an IGCSE Board school in Mumbai, our curriculum ensures mandatory participation of students in extracurricular activities and sports making sure every child identify and sharpen their skills apart from education. Through weekly games and sports sessions, music and dance classes, robotics and public speaking classes, we ensure consistent development of your child across areas helping them develop holistically along with their education.

Known as one of the best international schools in Pune and Mumbai, we work towards making your child the best among the rest and compete not just at a national level but also at a global level. Our detailed and personalised curriculum combined with the ethos of Indian culture and global competence ensures an education that not only make them informed and confident individuals of tomorrow but also the leaders and innovators of the future world.

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