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C.P Goenka amongst the best international schools in Pune with A Level Global Holistic Programme

August 05, 2020

Education has changed drastically in the 21st century with learners getting more and more access to curriculum across the globe, and a wide variety to choose from. I remember a time as a student when I had not heard of anything beyond the State Board, the ICSE or the CBSE. However, with IGCSE and IB entering into Indian education league, the whole teaching-learning approach has undergone unprecedented transformation with a lot of emphasis on skill building.

One of the key features of the IGCSE curriculum is the choice that students have with regards to the selection of a subject. Students have a buffet of options in front of them that suit their academic style, their goals, and are streamlined as early as 13 or 14 where students can drop a subject to specialize another depending on their area of interest as opposed to the curriculum of CBSE schools in Pune

C.P. Goenka International School does something similar with the A Level programme. As educationists, it becomes the whole and sole responsibility of the teachers and academic heads of the school to guide the learners and parents assisting them with the correct choice for their children. This comes in with a thorough understanding of what the board has to offer and how it shapes learning.

The AS programme offered by the school allows learners to choose from a variety of subjects, thereby enabling the student and parent fraternity to come to an informed decision regarding subject selection, which is usually not the case for CBSE schools in Pune. Further, the faculty at the school ensures that learning happens through a variety of ways – the virtual labs for science students in today’s online approach of teaching-learning, think-pair-share, active learner-led discussions, debates, inquiry and project-based learning are among a few approaches to ensure that learners are thoroughly engaged and that learning is well-rounded and complete. The school aligns with the 21st century skills of integrated learning and collaboration to nurture students and set a solid launchpad for them to take off once the course is complete, hence deemed one of the best international schools in Pune.

Such focused teaching and learning naturally take a more global approach and help build skills in learners more holistically enabling learners to think and decide for themselves rather than thrust them into something unwillingly.

With the introduction of the AS Level programme, and with education changing gradually in India with the introduction of the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, C. P. Goenka surely aims at addressing and championing learner needs and aspirations.

-Roshan Nair
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