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Follow these guidelines to ensure your child's safety while using the internet!

February 22, 2022

There are more than 2.7 million online sites available to anyone with an internet connection, whether at home or on their smartphone. Children can use the internet to learn and develop, but it can also be threatening if they connect with an incorrect person or discover detrimental content. As a result, children should understand how to behave when using the internet and when to avert potentially harmful circumstances. Parents need to take responsibility for their children's internet security, but once they enter primary school, educating them on internet security is critical. Here are some important internet security tips for children by IGCSE Schools in Mumbai:

Educate children about the internet risks

Making children understand the risks of the internet is an important factor in improving their safety online. You might begin by informing kids that the internet is not completely secure and that many people wish to harm children online. After that, you can inform your children about online offenders or fraudsters who are using the internet for malicious purposes. Keep in mind to give adequate time for this talk without interrupting it, and don't hesitate to send these internet safety recommendations for kids with other parents.

Teach children to maintain confidentiality

For children's internet safety, it’s critical that you teach them about unknown individuals exchanging personal data. The Internet is an online reality in which everyone, especially unknowns, may interact with children via the internet or chat applications. Make sure your youngster does not reveal their confidential info to anybody they do not know closely.

Double-check and have access to your child’s password

Don't be a sly parent when it comes to providing online safety for your children, but keep all of your internet-related login information to yourself so that you can track your children's internet behaviour.

Instruct them on how to stay safe on social media

One of the best online safety tips for kids is to guide them that if they receive a social media message with inappropriate language or inconvenient questions that make them feel threatened on the internet, they should instantly notify their parents so that they can have a conversation about the risks and dangers together.

Place the computer in a common setting

It's because you can constantly keep an eye on what your child is doing online. Nowadays, parental control systems and online filters are also effective options for children's cyber-safety, so make use of them as often as necessary.

Create internet rules

Inform them what should and should not be permitted. For instance, only a certain amount of time can be spent on the internet, on social media, playing online games, and so on. It's also a great idea to set repercussions if these rules are disobeyed, so they don't do it again. A month-long internet restriction or anything similar do the job effectively.

Inform your kids about cyber bullying

Highlighting cyberbullying for children is essential. It educates them on how to cope with it because being bullied online differs significantly from being tormented offline.Urge them to disclose any bullying they are experiencing or anybody else they know is experiencing. Also, inform them about the repercussions so that your child does not grow up to be a bully.

To make you aware, the internet is not just full of drawbacks. It is a wonderful resource for learning, exploration, and entertainment. Hence, it is our responsibility as parents to keep our children safe online so that they do not become victims of cyberbullying or internet offenders. CP Goenka International School in Mumbai emphasize making the internet experience a positive one with these safety tips for online use at home or elsewhere!

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