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Embrace The New Age Steam Learning For Your Kid With CP Goenka International School

february 10, 2020

In an era of increasing competition, growing connectivity and rising convergence, having our children learn the best has become one of the most crucial tasks for many parents. Gone are the days when a simple understanding of science, mathematics and language would help our children stand a chance in the outside world. Today, with technologies, innovations and globalisation, it has become imperative for children to not only specialise in one field of study but rather develop themselves as holistic individuals equipped with the best of skills in order to compete with the outside world and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Building Effective Communicators Through Literature Studies and Multi-Language Approach

As attractive as this may sound, for parents, this new age world might seem a bit scary for our little ones. Don’t it?

Well, we at CP Goenka International School understand this very concern of yours and are here to help you prepare your little ones through our unique all-inclusive learning approach - the STEAM Learning approach.

Being one of the first IBDP schools in Mumbai, we, at CP Goenka international school have always ensured that we not only bring the best for our students but also help them make the best of our curriculum and develop their skills and personality. It is with this vision in mind, that we have taken the leap to bring in the STEAM approach of learning that integrates theoretical understanding with practical know-hows thereby helping students’ hone their analytical, logical and practical skills all at once.

Adopted from the STEAM movement of the Rhode Island School and evolved from the STEM approach of learning, the STEAM learning integrates the pillars of Science, Technology, Education, Arts and Mathematics, creating a learning experience that helps them become future innovators and creative thinkers. Living in an era of constant change and modernisation, the need to improve education has become a priority for every school and we at CP Goenka International School aims to address this need through our new STEAM learning curriculum. With world class infrastructure, highly skilled teachers and professors and digital classrooms, Our IBDP Schools in Mumbai creates the perfect environment for every child’s holistic development and learning making us one of the best international schools in Mumbai.

Right from kindergarten to class 12th, through our curriculum, we aim to engage our students with science, technology and mathematics with a creative and artistic approach thereby sparking in them a lifelong curiosity for these subjects and an undying spirit of enquiry to learn more and develop their own understandings. Being one of the best internationals schools in Mumbai, we ensure an application based model of learning and a teaching approach that does not restrict to Indian understanding and skills but rather expands itself to global learnings thus prepping your child with the needed 21st century skills and abilities.

With an easy going yet competitive curriculum, a practical yet theoretical learning approach, a simpler yet elaborative teaching style; at CP Goenka International School, your child is sure to grow up as a global leader of tomorrow and an innovator of the future.

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