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Elevate Your Child's Future: Thane International School's IGCSE Program

October 25, 2023

Where you study has become more important than ever. There are numerous schools and multiple educational systems that might leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, the best schools offer you a mix of both strong educational plans and a fun learning atmosphere. With the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) curriculum, your child’s future is safe and secure, for the system is both high in quality and flexible enough to let the kid’s creativity take centre stage. CP Goenka Thane International School is one of the best institutions in providing IGCSE syllabi. This blog will help you understand why CP is the best school in Thane and what makes the IGCSE curriculum special.


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education, commonly known as IGCSE, is a curriculum for students from 14 to 16 years. It is an alternate education system to the other standard curriculums like CBSE or ICSE. Here are some of the reasons why the IGCSE Program is one of the best choices.

  • IGCSE is a recognised curriculum across universities and organisations worldwide. Not only do you get to learn in a quality education system, but you can also easily apply for your dream universities and employers.
  • In this curriculum, there is a lot more importance placed on practical skills, where you can learn through real-life problem-solving methods and hone your life skills, while you prepare to meet the higher demands of the actual workspace.
  • There are exams in IGCSE but it is not limited to one method. Their assessments include oral exams, practical tests, coursework and other assessment types.
  • IGCSE also offers studies in multiple languages, creating an inclusive space. One will get a lot of global exposure and understand different societies and cultures.

Why CP Goenka?

CP Goenka is one of the IGCSE schools in Thane with over 25 years of experience. They have more than 10 schools across several cities with 1500 plus employees working towards better education. Right from Preschool to Boards, CP Goenka International Schools offer school education at different levels and follow ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE systems. Since IGCSE provides a flexible curriculum wherein the schools are allowed to design their own courses and syllabi tailor-made for their students, the parents must carefully weigh their choices and CP Goenka provides best-in-class learning exposure. Besides the classroom activities and sports and arts programs, the school also focuses on celebrating special days, club work and field trips.

Facilities and Learning Exposure

The school has excellent infrastructure facilities. Beginning with CCTV that ensures the protection of the kids, there are numerous facilities including an art room, transportation, digitally developed classrooms, dance rooms, e-libraries and more. The focus on having dedicated spaces for both classroom learning and extra-curricular activities will help the children develop soft skills. Such training will help them become more confident people with brilliant problem-solving abilities. In CP Goenka IGCSE school in Thane, there are also facilities of artificial FIFA-approved football turf and other turf stands for sports like basketball, for training for both mind and body is equally important. These top-class facilities along with the international syllabi will aid children in discovering their talents and skills and make them better students, and better people.


An international curriculum with modern facilities and quality staff is what CP Goenka is all about. With equal focus on formal education, extra-curricular and overall holistic development, the child’s learning experience is prioritised here. If you want to elevate your child’s future and let them study in a space where interactivity and practical learning are of foremost importance, it is a wise choice to enrol them in IGCSE curriculum-based education at CP Goenka.

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