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Educational Excellence Redefined: International Schools in Pune

August 23, 2023

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” It is indeed very important to make a wise investment choice. Education plays a very essential role in each of our lives and so does the place where it is imparted. When you search for institutions to enrol your child, you should think of a very pleasant and holistic learning space which will push the kids to aim higher and hone many skills.

That is precisely why schools that offer educational excellence matter. International schools have begun to redefine the way we learn and grow. With a focus on both academic and extra-curricular activities, such schools also ensure personal development. If you’re looking to enrol your kid in one of the Best International Schools in Pune, look no further. CP Goenka International School which prioritises the safety, security and growth of the students is your perfect choice.

CP Goenka International School: Where Learning Matters

Located across Mumbai, Pune and Thane, this prestigious institution has over eight-plus schools. With a legacy of over 24 years, the International school offers world-class educational opportunities with the best infrastructure. The vision of the International school is to create a dynamic generation who can contribute to community life and renovate their revolutions as global citizens by providing world-class education with an international curriculum.

Why is CP Goenka Special?

Besides the international curriculum and expert teachers, why CP Goenka is one of the best International Schools in Wagholi Pune because of the numerous facilities and exposure it offers. From student exchange programmes and MUNN facilities to unique modes of learning experience like “Classroom without walls” and educational trips, the international organisation makes education fun and effective. They focus on four prime aspects to help children learn beyond the textbooks.

The aspects are creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. With plethora of programmes like guest lectures, collaborative learning and more, the student is given unique opportunities to nurture their talents.

Safety, Security, Comfort and Joy - The Infrastructure of CP Goenka International School

The campus is fully equipped with CCTV cameras and tightened security services. Rest assured, your kid as safe as they are at your home. The technological advancements and infrastructural development is not restricted just to security services. From digital classrooms, e-library, music and dance room, cafeteria, art room and transport facilities, the school is an ideal place for your kid to explore what they want to do in future, while also enjoying the learning at present. With best-in-class facilities, the student gets a lot of exposure to the larger world and the sea of opportunities available for them to enjoy and grow.

A Holistic Development

Since academic knowledge only takes you slightly further in today’s world of digital and modern age, we understand at CP Goenka International School that an all-round learning experience is vital. We have a qualified and experienced educators and a quality syllabus. At the centre of all our facilities lie the aim to provide holistic development. From the different clubs, student community, sports, debates and other co-curricular activities, a complete learning experience is our priority.

Academic Opportunities

Starting with pre-school, CP Goenka International School provides education until High School and additional Diplomo programmes. Besides the school education, the institution offersthe IB Diplomo Programme as well. It is a two-year pre-university program recognised by universities worldwide. This course adds more value to their education and prepares them for better achievements and success in their future endeavors.

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” we focus on providing the kids with excellent educational services that’s beyond the traditional teaching methods. With our redefined educational plan, your child would always stay a step ahead and achieve their dreams.

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