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Online Learning: The Dos and Don’ts of Taking a Virtual Class by IBDP Schools in Mumbai

September 25, 2020

Today ever one is witnessing this unprecedented time that has turned the world upside down. Affecting the globe to a maximum extent, COVID-19 has specifically shuffled young learner’s life by bringing them to the driver seat and asking them to control their overall academic environment online. Adhering to the fact that that in-person online class is a new concept for almost all the students, it can be quiet difficult for the newbies to navigate.

Thus to help students throughout the process, IGCSE Board Schools in Mumbai have constructively divided the process into do’s and don’ts of taking a virtual class. Bringing-in the best practices in the foreground, CP Goenka International School intents to make the whole online learning experience smoother while children are at home.

The Do’s

1. Be Presentable.

Know that just the environment has not the routine. Hence get dressed because that is the thumb rule, and it also keeps laziness at bay.

2. Login To Learn.

Log in a few minutes early to familiarize yourself with the website. So if you encounter any errors, you can opt for help before the attendance.

3. Keep Essentials.

Say no to last moment preparations. Organize your study table with books and stationaries rather than wondering during the ongoing session.

4. Note & Probe.

Make a habit of noting down crucial points said during the lectures and ask them at the end of the session, so you do not disturb the flow of any ongoing topic.

5. Follow The Rules.

Be conscious about your output as it is the same scenario as the classroom. Follow all the rules appropriately, so it ends up as a healthier education session.

The Don’ts

1. Invalid Identity.

Do not use any random username or display picture for your home page as it is ethically wrong and lacks discipline in the environment.

2. Multi-tasking.

Prohibit doing unusual tasks during e-learning sessions, for example, texting a friend, watching television, or listening to music in the background.

3. Creating Distractions.

Do not create off-topic discussions for the sake of fun. Posting unnecessary comments can take away the attention of other students that also shows disrespect for the teacher.

4. Procrastinating Behaviour.

Hesitation may lead you to nowhere. Thus participate actively in the process and do not procrastinate during revisions or while submitting your assignments using technical error as an escape.

5. Plagiarizing

Do not write just for the sake of writing. Know that your teachers give you assignments to test your memory. So do not copy-paste your homework from random websites.

The only objective of calling attention to these pointers is to help budding learners manage their online classes with ease and dignity in the same way while inside the school premises. Sticking by the fact that it is a fast-paced world with various dynamics, CPGIS that stands amongst the top IBDP Schools in Mumbai, wills to accelerate learning today so the learners can lead tomorrow.

Shaping personalities intricately, so students make global level careers and represent various cultures responsibly, IGCSE Board Schools in Mumbai puts seamless efforts so these budding minds can achieve results, both personally and professionally.

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