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Advantages related to yoga for growing children

June 21, 2021

Today children face a lot of pressure due to modern world competition.The pressure to achieve their best in academics and perform well in every task always rolls around their heads. It goes to such an extent that they stop focusing on their health and become obese or frequently fall ill. Thus to help them overcome all these challenges, we must introduce them to “Yoga”. Yoga is a traditional activity that assists in aligning body, mind and soul and get in touch with the core leaving all the external stress behind. It is a crucial life skill that can help them to succeed in the world.

CP Goenka International School In Mumbai shares the benefits of teaching yoga and its positive impact on kids.

Increases physical flexibility

Yoga involves the usage of muscles in such a way that children not only gain physical strength but also learn more about their body and their functions. Practising yoga regularly leads to the correction of posture and brings a balance to the whole body, which also helps preserve overall flexibility. Hence it’s a much-needed exercise during the current pandemic situation, which has reduced kid’s playtime.

Improves coordination and balance

Mental stability and clarity is a prime factor in achieving balance. And only with yoga, it is possible to attain balance mentally and physically. Even if a child finds difficulty standing on one foot while doing yoga, he learns to stay calm and try. It promotes balance along with coordination at the same time. While the child may polish skills in performing yoga, he will also gradually witness coordination within his mind and body.

Boosts concentration and focus

Concentration and focus are the two pillars for achieving excellence in education and life. A study shows that with trying multiple yoga moves, children focus level gets better with every next exercise. Because they work on their memorization skills, it further helps in their educational performances as well. Also, as there are breathing techniques involved in it, their overall concentration gets enhanced.

Promotes better sleep

We often fail to identify stress in our children and blame them for disconnectedness. But the truth is that they worry about their academics results, extra-curricular activities and daily chores, which buzzes around them in the form of constant anxiety. Therefore the physical practice of yoga will help them to relieve tension and promote better sleep.

Enhances self-regulation

The ability to identify the change in your behaviour, thoughts, and emotions is called self-regulation. This skill benefits in solve problems and achieve both short- and long-term goals. To teach this one of the most crucial expertise to your child, ask them to practice yoga. This way,they will learn to manage their emotions and handle the situation effectively and appropriately.

Brings about compassion

Children sometimes become too rude to themselves and others. Hence, it is vital to bestow them with a sense of compassion, respect, love, and kindness. If you introduce yoga as a daily practise into your child’s life, it will make them compassionate and aware individuals. One of the most significant benefits of yoga for kids is that it teaches them to stay happy and kind.

Nowadays, kids are stuck to TV and smartphones or are dealing with tensity. But yoga technique will enable them to create harmony between their curious mind and body. It will be great for their health and also more fun as the different postures become a game.

So set the foundation of yoga in your child’s life with CBSE Schools in Wagholi Pune, sharing with them its positive outcomes.

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