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Difference between learning inside and outside the classroom

Learning in one's life is critically important and determines progress in life. Learning should help students achieve their greatest potential by reaching beyond self-interest to create a more rewarding existence. Learning can occur at any place at any time, provided it is open and keen to learn. At the same time, there is no denying the importance of classroom learning. The learning one undergoes in school at a tender age sets the foundation and to a large extent how successful one becomes. Yet, if you compare how much you learn outside the classroom compared to inside it, the topic is very fascinating indeed.

Let us therefore explore both the forms of learning. Each has its importance that matters.

Inside the classroom, the learning begins

You will agree that in most cases, the process of formal learning begins inside the classroom at school. This is, of course, familiar to all. You have the desks, a black or whiteboard, and also a bunch of students. It is the classroom where most of the formal education begins in one's life. Here you have the traditional setup. The teacher is teaching, students listening and gathering all the knowledge, and textbooks galore. In the formal education system, inside the classroom, you also have examinations that determine the progress of the students.

Thus, there is no denying the fact that classroom learning is where all the learning begins with most students.

Learning inside the classroom: What is involved?

We are sure you will agree that most of the learning inside the classroom involves textbook learning. The basic concepts of History, Geography, Maths, Science, and Literature, mostly come from textbooks. All the basic foundation that we acquire regarding most of these subjects comes from what we learn in School inside the classroom. Most of this pertains to textbook learning in India.

If you look at modern India, you will see that radical changes are happening. Unlike the past when India was considered a developing economy, modern India is powerful and tech-savvy. With the emergence of digitizing in every sphere of our current lives, the old textbooks are slowly but surely making way for the digital space. Any information that you seek now is available at the click of a button. All of this is affecting the current classroom learning too.

The digital frontier offers great potential

The emergence of the internet and digital technology has elevated even classroom learning to a whole new level. Gone are the days, when the lectures in class were considered very boring and lifeless. All of that is changing; now that the internet has become a treasure trove for all. Now physical classes are being replaced with online classes.

The result is that as a student you are not limited to any particular geographical location. You can access the best teachers who may be located at a far distance. To go along with this, you also have the flexibility of learning from the comfort of your home at a preferred time. To go with you can also learn from e-books and numerous online resources.

Given all these technological advances today in India, knowledge is much more accessible than it was in the past and the best thing is that it is available to all, even the poor.

Personal interaction with teachers

One great benefit that stands out in the case of learning inside the classroom is that you get the opportunity to personally interact with your teachers. So, any doubts or clarifications you have can be immediately resolved. Teachers inside the classroom explain all the concepts in great detail. In case you have any doubts after all their explanation, you can gain a complete understanding inside the classroom, since you have direct access to the teacher. It is one great benefit that learning inside the classroom offers.

You get the opportunity to have interactive learning inside the classroom and this is a great plus point compared to learning outside the classroom.

Learning outside the classroom

Learning outside the classroom can be great fun. It is outside the classroom that we get to put to test what we have learned inside the classroom. In the proves the student also gets to learn a whole lot of new things. Once you are a bit innovative about your learning you can learn many things. Thus, to accept this one has to be broader-minded. With an open mind by keen observation, you can learn plenty outside the classroom.

You learn by doing

When it comes to learning outside the classroom, you will realize that the maximum of what you will learn is by doing. Many of the scientific experiments that need to be carried out have to be done outside the classroom. You will realize that much of what you will learn inside the classroom is very theoretical in nature. As a result, many of the students get utterly bored when being taught inside the classroom. The result is that they are often unable to concentrate and therefore are unable to grasp even the concepts and do not do well.

In comparison, the learning that happens outside the classroom is much more comprehensive. They do much of the stuff themselves in case of learning outside the classroom. The result is that they can work on their own and learn. They do all the course correction and thrive in the overall processes of learning outside the classroom.

You build new relationships

When you learn outside your classroom, there is every possibility that you will be interacting with other people around you, many of them will be new. With your interaction with them you can build new friendships. You can have better relationships in the process. It is another benefit of learning outside the classroom.


To sum up, we can say that learning inside the classroom definitely has certain benefits. It helps set the foundation of your learning. But learning outside the classroom has its own set of advantages. Thus, if you are a student, it is best that you use both forms of learning for the ultimate learning experience.

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