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Why Is Kinesthetic Learning Important for Learning?

IGCSE School In Mumbai

September 30, 2019

Develop a love for learning by embracing kinesthetic learning.

“Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”
- Confucius, 450 BC.

Becoming aware of the way a child learns, and planning some lessons to better fit his/her style can help the child as well as the teacher enjoy the school time more. It helps children learn more effectively and retain more information by allowing them to process things in a manner that is most natural for them. Such kids are kinesthetic learners, who learn better when able to physically move. This is how they will develop a love for learning as they are most successful when the activities in which they are participating allow them to move. Therefore, a child having such traits can develop a love for learning by embracing kinesthetic learning. They should be provided with lots of tools for early reading skills that can be manipulated through touch (fridge magnet, letter tiles, etc.). They should be encouraged reading when there is no other choice – such as during car rides, listening to books on tape while sharing a moving activity with the child can keep a backup copy of the book to trade off reading chapters and listening to chapters.

CP Goenka Oshiwara School

Well, maybe love is a strong word but there are ways one can encourage writing skills in a kinesthetic learner. Whether it is the physical act of penmanship or the mental act of formulating the ideas, many kinesthetic learners struggle with writing skills. However, there are ways and strategies found by today’s education system to help such learners develop a love for learning e.g., having them write in the sand with a stick, sidewalk chalk on the driveway, or tracing the letters in the sky with their fingers. Taking them for a field trip too help develop a love for learning. CP Goenka is one such IGCSE School in Mumbai that applies such a teaching methodology. It is considered to be the best international school in Oshiwara that promotes and practices holistic learning.

Such learners aren’t different but they just learn differently. By providing them with hands-on learning tools and opportunities can help them develop a love for learning. So, get moving or get them moving can actually work wonders with them and help them develop a love for learning by embracing kinesthetic learning.

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