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Climate Change Is Real And What We As Educators Are Doing To Curb Its Impact

April 27, 2020

‘Humanity faces many threats but none is greater than Climate Change. In damaging our climate we are becoming the architects of our own destruction.’

-Prince Charles of Britain

The impacts of human caused climate change are already being seen, from the Polar Regions, to other continents of the world.

We selfish humans did not bother about our biosphere and went on razing the forests in the name of industrial revolution. Proliferating population has further made deforestation a reality which triggers drastic climate change all across the globe. The erratic pattern of rainfall has impacted agriculture and food security. The level of sea is already rising due to the melting of glaciers. Many island cities are on the brink of being submerged.

As teachers of modern society today, we need to imbibe moral values for preserving the environment where we live. If there is no environment, we can’t survive, if we can’t survive, material gross prosperity and advancement is of no use.

Teachers can weave the theme of climate impacts with a range of topics throughout a course or a unit. Subjects such as history, economics, and language can all touch on climate change, and not be addressed within the specific context of a geography or science class. In other words a ‘Thematic Approach’ to teaching in the Primary levels can do the trick.

Educators know that linking classroom topics to current relevant news is a powerful way to make students aware of the problem at hand. Using a local example is an effective way to draw students into the topic and help them research and unravel. Teachers can employ a case study approach that will give the students an insight as to how a weird climatic change across the globe profoundly affects people and ecosystems.

Schools trips should be devised to undertake forest journeys or visits to those areas where government has made special efforts to uphold vegetation and wild life and mould their soft mindsets; the importance of Go-Green campaigns.

We are fortunately in the age of digital technology. Use of papers in the schools for projects, assignments and exams should be rather discouraged so that it results in lesser felling of trees.

Today we see this cataclysmic calamity of Corona virus where we, are caged and see animals coming out freely on streets. As if a fresh freedom of scent from humans is wafting in the air for these poor creatures. Turtles are coming out, peacocks are dancing on open streets, birds are flying freely as if there was never such freedom for them, and mother earth is recycling her precious resources once again.

‘We dreamt of flying cars in 2020, but we are teaching people today how long to wash their hands.’ Ironical, isn’t it?

-Nisha Kale
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