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Choose to brighten up your child’s future with artificial intelligence

December 07, 2019

We have all heard the iconic dialogue of “I’ll be back” from terminator and ever since then Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been etched into our minds. For decades, filmmakers, sci-fi writers and technology enthusiasts have described the amusing and sometimes world ending catastrophic changes in their creations. AI has not made ripples, this huge in reality yet, although it’s slowly crept its way into our daily lives. From automatic parking sensors to our sometimes irritating personal assistants on our smartphones, AI is all around us.

The applications of AI in our world today are limitless. One such place where AI can be utilized efficiently is the field of education. While we have yet to create robot humanoids that can teach students, AI is still being used to enhance the learning experience in the classrooms.

CP Goenka, one of the best international schools in Mumbai, is also using Artificial Intelligence to make the classes less monotonous and more interactive with videos, presentations and quizzes.

Let’s look at some of the ways AI is being used in the education field.

Administrative Activities: AI is increasingly being used to grade various multiple choice, true or false, and objective questions, decreasing the workload on the teachers and giving them more time to dedicate to the actual learning process.

Being an IB school in Oshiwara, one such application of AI is the MICM portal used by C.P. Goenka International School which has helped teachers, students and their parents to be synchronized in class work and activities that are taking place in the school.

Personalized Learning: The technology that uses your preferences as a way to suggest related content is not new, but its application in the field of education certainly is. This helps suggest personalized feedback and assignments to students based on their level of understanding through AI. CP Goenka is the best international school in Juhu that utilizes AI functions to deliver the best quality education to its students.

These are the two main areas of research into using AI in education. There are tons of more applications in the early phase and the best international schools in Mumbai have started to explore the avenues that AI has opened up. CP Goenka ranks amongst one of the best international schools in Juhu and IB school in Oshiwara to make use of AI in the field of education.We may soon see AI in every aspect of education which will take learning to the next level and brighten up your child’s future.

-Raksha Mishra

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