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#YourSightMatters – Causes, Symptoms & Tips for Digital Eye Strain by Best International School in Mumbai

September 29, 2020

Ever-increasing amount of technology in life can mean more screen-time, and that can put individual’s eyesight at risk. Especially amidst the lockdown, our eyes are constantly staring at digital screens from waking up until our heads hits the pillow. Knowing that human and technology are practically inseparable these days, at the same time it is also increasing the probability of Digital Eye Strain.

With several screens that support our tech-centric lifestyle, we need to equally sensitize the eye care segment for long-term vision and to keep higher index eyeglasses at bay. Digital Eye Strain that is also known as Computer Vision Syndrome occurs due to continually shifting, adjusting, and refocusing eyes while staring at the screen.

As today almost everyone is susceptible of digital mediums, CP Goenka International School, the Best International School in Mumbai communicates about the symptoms, causes, and tips on how to get rid of Digital Eye Strain effectively.


During this phase of lockdown all the updates related to work, education, entertainment, and news, are being fed to us through screens. Thus extended period of watching via these mediums, causes discomfort in the eyes that leads to fluctuating vision, eye burn, and feel dry, itchy, and irritated. This condition is termed as Digital Eye Strain. Its impact further gives rise to the following problems:

  • Fatigue – Tiredness in eyes due to intense usage of digital mediums.
  • Headache – Constant exposure towards light and sound.
  • Neck and shoulder pain – Excessive stretching of muscles.


The increased level of distress can also result in the below mentioned;

  • Light sensitivity – Level of light impacting negatively on the eyesight.
  • Glare on digital screen – Excessive contrast between dark and bright on light sources.
  • Nearsightedness & Farsightedness – Poor judgement in identifying objects from near and far.
  • Unhealthy posture – Change in alignment of sitting position multiple times.


As digital media has become the need of the hour in COVID-19 period, the only way to decrease the adverse effect on vision is by adhering to the right eye care tips on regular basis.

  • Exercise your eyes – Remember the rule of thumb – 20-20-20. Every twenty minutes, Take a twenty second break and look at the screen from twenty feet away. This will relax eye muscles and decrease the risk of myopia and hyper-myopia.
  • Take frequent visual breaks – Halting at regular intervals and limiting the screen time can reduce eye strain and fatigue. This will hydrate eyes and stop allergy triggers.
  • Ensure correct seating position – Sitting straight with head aligned properly is important for neck and shoulder. This can relieve strained muscles and also exercise them at times.
  • Adjust brightness on device – Setting brightness level of device is crucial to regulate rays that can affects the eyes. Hence change the background color to cool gray or lighter the OG shade.
  • Wear glasses if needed – If your vision is affected, make sure to wear right pair of glasses before confronting the screen. Opt for eye examinations once a year to maintain eye health.
  • Eat healthy – Ensure a balanced diet that consists of fruits and vegetables full of anti-oxidants to boost the eye health. This can ward-off vision related problems such as cataracts.

CPGIS, the Best Preschool in Mumbai acknowledges the fact that children and technology are the future. Nevertheless, it is important to teach kids about moderation in life as it is a crucial life skill. Thus the Best International School in Mumbai sets healthy boundaries so students can go a long way setting higher visions and achieving life goals.

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