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Best Schools in Mumbai Decrypts The Benefits of Recognized International Baccalaureate Programme

December 28, 2020

What precisely will the IB board carry with it as a curriculum? What percentage of IB schools are present in India? And is the IB board validated in India? There are plenty of queries that require to be answered as parents ponder upon the alternatives of educational boards available. It is also essential to remember that the choice of board matters as much as the choice of Best Schools in Mumbai. It is capable of shaping your child’s career and individuality.

Adhering to the fact that IB board in India is gaining popularity as its diploma is a significant credential for college applications worldwide and has a more practical approach to education than theory-based learning, A Level Schools in Mumbai offer the IB course right through the youngest classes up to twelfth standard.

The IB board in India understands that students need exposure to a global community to become future-ready with appropriate skills and competencies, it has several additional benefits too as mentioned below;

Practical Methodology

A common drawback among students is grasping and retaining what they are taught in school. The IB board in India focuses on concept-based learning practices where students are inspired to be curious learners of concepts instead of receivers of information, which means asking them to learn facts and figures without understanding the entire concept and reason behind the topic’s existence. The IB board is distinct from others because it motivates students of all age groups to think critically and challenge assumptions built on their gained knowledge.

Personality Development

Today’s kids are our country’s future while being globally competent individuals. Thus, it’s essential to provide them with holistic development. It cannot be achieved with a theoretic teaching ideology and textbook learning. The IB board in India helps students develop emotional intelligence, social communication while thinking out of the box and being pliable to multiple environments. The IB board in India pushes students to become the potential version of themselves by diving into their curiosities and not simply limiting them to mere examinations.

Develops Independent Thinkers

The IB teaching style and curriculum are learner-centred and strive to help students develop into knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded thinkers by promoting self-research. Students drive their learning by collaborating to conduct an inquiry into real-life problems. It makes students free of theoretical data by explaining that one cannot think originally by restraining to textbooks.

Recognized Internationally

Before knowing that IB is the right education board for your child, you must analyse the pros and cons of the IB board in India. The IB curriculum is acclaimed by universities worldwide. The IB board is designed independently of governments and national systems and incorporates the best industry quality practices stemmed from in-depth research. Further, it also encourages students of all age groups to think about both native and global contexts that help develop multilingual qualities in students to assist them to perceive numerous cultures.

A Level Schools in Mumbai believe that students should be given the freedom to discover their own answers based on mindful thinking, and for the same, we enable the right guidance. Therefore, by bringing in IB programmes for our learners, we aim to change the predominant approach of education via an amalgamation of engagement, challenges, and significant techniques and practices, so students thrive on success globally becoming leaders of their own path!

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