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Advantages of Extracurricular Activities

January 9, 2024


School life isn’t just about studying certain subjects - it's all about developing a child’s personality and bringing out hidden talent.

What if schools didn't have a variety of swings, a sports period, and annual day functions? It would be a boring place to be! In schools, extracurricular activities must be encouraged.

Extracurriculars play a vital role in school life. They help deepen the intellectual and social growth of children.

Parents consider more than just the professors when they visit a school to see whether their kids can participate in extracurricular activities. Sports, music, theater, and even culinary classes are examples of extracurricular activities offered in schools!

A child can excel in many extracurricular activities which is why schools should offer them to young minds.

Now that you’re here, allow us to share the advantages of extracurricular activities. Dive right in to find out more!

Unraveling The Advantages of Extracurricular Activities

1. Improves Your Child's Academic Performance

Children should indulge in extracurricular activities in education IB schools. Everyone needs a break. Several researches demonstrate that extracurricular activities improve test performance. Their academic grades improve as they get the necessary break!

There are many children who are interested in sports, music, dance, and theater. This helps boost brain function and get higher grades.

Imagine a child sitting in a room and studying for the next ten hours. There will be a point when the child would feel drained out. Extracurricular activities are great for giving a little break to your child. This way, they will be able to get their play time and also focus on their studies.

2. Gaining Social Opportunities

Children love to interact with others and make friends. When in class, children should focus on what the teacher is saying. However, extracurricular activities help with gaining Social Opportunities. Children can mingle with each other, make new friends, and also expand their social network.

There are many children who have similar interests. For example, children in the dance group can mingle with each other and practice their dance steps after school.

Every child needs an inner circle! And with similar interests, children can have a great time making new friends.

3. Building Self-Esteem On The Go

Look for a school with several extracurriculars when enrolling your kid. There is a big reason for this! Some children can be shy, but once they indulge in activities like dance, music, or sports, it will help build positive self-esteem.

There are trained teachers who can bring out the hidden talent in your child. Reputable schools hire trained and compassionate teachers who teach new skills and techniques to your child. When your child is successful in these activities, they feel confident in showcasing them to the world.

4. Understanding The Importance Of Time Management

Extracurricular activities teach your child the value and importance of time management. It also teaches them how they should take the lead. Children have to balance their academic workload as well as pursue their interests. It's all about managing time effectively.

Children should know that study time and playtime are two different aspects and each requires focus. Sure, they can practice their musical notes but they also have to finish their homework and study time.

5. Success In Extracurricular Activities Look Great On Resumes

When children showcase their excellent grades as well as extracurricular activities in the resume later on in life, they get brownie points.

Colleges and companies want to know whether the child excelled in different activities like public speaking, acting, music, instrument playing, sports, etc. In fact, children can get extra points for being active in extracurricular activities, especially when they apply for different colleges and universities.

And, of course, companies want young minds who have got several skills. Sure, your academic grades are going to help you achieve a lot in life, but extracurricular activities build a child’s personality and teach them a lot about time management, discipline, creativity, and excelling in different ways.

6. The Hidden Talent Could Be a Career Path In Future

We believe that studies can help students achieve new heights, but lately, we have also seen many young minds pursuing different career paths. Isn't that wonderful? Children can find out more about their hobbies and it might even turn into a potential career.

We've seen young minds choosing social media influence as a career path. It requires excellent marketing skills, creativity, and talent to thrive online. Also, children who are good at sports can also represent the Indian cricket, hockey, volleyball, swimming, and archery team. There is a lot of scope in different non-academic fields as well.

Schools that focus on helping students realize their potential are on the rise. And, it is a refreshing beginning!

Gone are those days when children were pressured to choose a particular career path. Schools are now focusing on bringing the hidden talent out and endorsing the idea of choosing any career path that a child has passion for. This could be a start to something productive and revolutionary!

7. Learning Essential Life Skills

A youngster must acquire new skills to succeed in the vast world. Teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and public speaking are crucial.

Extracurricular activities can help a child to understand the importance of these skills. Children can also overcome peer-pressure related issues. They will be more engrossed in productive activities which is why extracurricular activities are essential.

Concluding Thoughts

Studies combined with extra curriculum education is the perfect recipe for success. Students should learn to balance between the two and Excel in both.

You never know that a young mind who enjoys home science class might become a great chef representing India abroad. Or a shy child might do so well in cricket that they may become a Captain of the Indian cricket team.

You must find a respectable school that provides these extracurricular activities and is committed to inspiring children to excel in both their academic and extracurricular pursuits. Knowing the benefits of extracurricular activities, you will know just what to seek for in your child's dream school.

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