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C P Goenka Seminar on A-Level in Cambridge Programme and its benefits for the children of today!

September 2, 2020

As the lockdown has unfolded a new world today for all of us, it has become imperative that we as educators buck up in order to give our students an education that not only help them excel in their own lives but also stand stronger and brighter among the rest. It is therefore with this that we, at C P Goenka, as one of Mumbai’s best IB and IGCSE school, brings to you the highly competitive and holistic Cambridge Advanced A Level Programme of learning.

A-Level Programme

Conducted on the 31st of August, through a Facebook live session, the seminar was hosted Ms Ritu Dubey and A-Level programme expert Ms. Deepa Bhushan, who not only introduced the programme but also solved the queries raised by the audience. Attended by a very enthusiastic set of parents and students, the seminar indeed turned into a highly interactive session that covered almost every query related to the course and its benefits to the students in the present and the future.

The seminar entailed conversations that helped through end to end information of the course right from admissions to the scope. Ms. Deepa, very patiently took the parents and students through the details of the course such as the flexibility of the subjects, nature of studies and evaluations, how to select subjects to the best of the students’ capacities and even means to take their passions and interests forward into a successful career for themselves. To add to the understanding, the seminar also witnessed the live testimonials of current A Level students talking about their experience with the course and their progress so far.

In a state where the world is moving forward to adapting to new changes, we, as C.P Goenka and one of India’s best IB & IGCSE school are all set to do our bit and make our future generations ready and successful decision makers of tomorrow.

Watch the live session here

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