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5 behavioural issues and their ideal solutions unlocked!

April 26, 2021

You may see children getting uncontrollably loud or stubborn and answering back to their parents publically. But have you ever tried to evaluate the cause? Did you try to discover the reason behind these behavioural fluctuations in them? As children grow into adults, they witness mixed feelings and often look past the fine line between too much and too little. However, it’s the parent’s responsibility to address these behaviour related issues patiently by negotiating with growing kids.

A Level Schools In Mumbai understands that it is quite a task for parents as the situation with budding kids is always sensitive. Thus to help your kid understand which behaviour is appropriate and which not, CPGIS has come up with the top five solutions to child behaviour problems for guiding all the parents and children through this rollercoaster of life!

   Disrespect and backtalk
We may not realise the intensity of such issues until our toddler turns into a teenager who displays the same behaviour that we found funny earlier. Therefore it is necessary to tell them that being angry is okay but not disrespectful, as such behaviour is unacceptable. Make him or her aware of the consequences as it is vital to set the limits. Let them know that if they repeat it, watching movies or playing will not be allowed. However, if they listen to you, make sure to show some love as it will help them analyse well.

   Abusive language
A budding child can be loud when angry, but if offensive, you must check on them. Ensure an environment where there is no sign of such language and a zero tolerance for any verbal abuse. For example, not allowing them to watch their favourite show or delaying their class by a day will make them call for it. It each them to behave accordingly and not repeat it.

   Aggressive behaviour
Always remember that anger turning into aggression is a problem caused due to mood swings, impulsiveness, or frustration. Hence don’t raise your voice or beat them up and set the wrong example. Reflect on their feelings and tell them that getting physical is not only inappropriate but may also push them away from people for such harsh behaviour. Always remember that you need to be a good role model and make them aware of learnable consequences.

To feel powerful, children develop a habit of bullying, leading to emotional and physical abuse of the victim. Thus you must teach your kids that bullying is wrong and give them instances of what bullies do right from childhood. It’s better to set guidelines in the house right from their childhood. Keep an eye on your child and his mutual environment to ensure regulation.

   Disinterest and dullness
Motivating kids can be strenuous if they tend to find an excuse for not doing anything. Thus don’t get anxious because if you do, they will think that you are forcing. Make sure to encourage your children to take up daily chores and give them options to choose, so that they take interest and enjoy more. To make it more engaging and fast, you can set limits like watching a movie together once they complete the assigned task.

CBSE Board Schools In Pune believes that behavioural changes are a normal part of growing up, but ignoring it will lead to such behaviour becoming a habit for life. The good news is that this behaviour is temporary and will reduce and eventually disappear with age. Hence, following these solutions will help the child craft its core and also smoothen the process.

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