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Parents’ Role in Helping Students with E-learning, as Suggested by the Best CBSE School in Pune

June 20, 2020

As the country prepares to slowly return to some form of normalcy, it is about time we accept and adapt to the changes that are here to stay. Education system across the world underwent a drastic change and there is no turning back now. IGCSE schools in Pune and across the country adopted various means to make sure that learning doesn’t stop for its students. Amongst these measures, virtual learning has been the most widespread practice across CBSE schools in Pune, Mumbai, and other cities. While the teachers and students have been trying to find their centre, parents also play an important role in helping children cope with the new age learning method.

Parents’ Role in Helping Students with E-learning, as Suggested by the Best CBSE School in Pune

Teachers of CP Goenka International School, one of the best IGCSE schools in Pune, suggest the following tips for parents in helping their children with e-learning.

1. Get involved

First and foremost, it is important for parents to get involved in the child’s academic journey. It is natural for parents to take a back seat as their children approach higher grades of study. This is because the schoolteachers keep a close eye on the students, more than the parents, thereby eliminating the need for parents to micromanage the kids. However, since the children are now not in direct contact with the teachers, parents must take up the responsibility to be involved and aware about their academic progress.

2. Establish a rapport with the teachers

Most CBSE schools in Pune and other international schools host a regular parents-teachers meeting to get to know the parents of the students and vice versa. The current scenario emphasizes the need for parents to get to know the teachers and build a rapport with them to keep track of their child’s progress. Not only progress reports, but parents can also seek the teacher’s guidance in helping the students study at home, whether it is with assignments or regular study.

3. Stick to a routine

During the lockdown, children might have a messed-up routine, but it is important to have one to get back into the studying groove. Parents can help students make a schedule and help them stick to it. This will motivate the students to indulge in dedicated study time, classes, and home assignments.

4. Understand, encourage, and motivate

It is indeed a difficult time for the students to adopt virtual learning with sincerity and dedication. Parents must be understanding of the struggles that the child goes through with virtual learning and encourage them to stay motivated despite the circumstances. Regularly giving them pep talks or simply allowing them to vent their frustration goes a long way in keeping the children emotionally healthy and motivated to study.

Parents have always played a vital role in the child’s growth, learning and development. With these tips, it is time for them to become actively involved in their child’s academic progress.

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