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Senior School

At the last path of their schooling life, we at C P Goenka ensure that our students are trained for outstanding performance, remarkable achievements and disciplined mannerisms that ensure admissions in the top universities. Our academic curriculum provides a bouquet of subject choices across boards for the students to pick from ensuring them complete liberty to follow their interest and passion and define their future education and career pathways.

Laboratory for Kids
Dynamic Learning Process

Our high quality and dynamic learning process keeps the students intrigued, engaged and equipped developing them as confident, responsible and independent adults, ready for the future.

For every student, their High School Years becomes the most definitive part of their career pathways. With our programs such as Aim for The Stars, Mentorship, Internships, Career Guidance and Individualised SWOT Analysis we address each of our students individually ensuring complete support to them in their future decisions.

Career Guidance Programe

Providing a balanced exposure to the outside world, our students are encouraged to participate in National and International platforms like IIMUN, International Student Exchanges, Study Programs and interactions with reputed organisations thereby ensuring overall skill development and global experience.

Study Programs