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Cambridge IGCSE is the most popular qualification in the world for the age group of 14 to 16. Goenka IGCSE School in Juhu is among the leading educational institutions worldwide to recognise and choose Cambridge. IGCSE is better known for the qualities it develops in the students, the quality of its programs, and for being an international passport to success and progression.

The IGCSE curriculum provides the students with multiple routes to learn effectively. Individual abilities are recognized and are given space to grow. With Cambridge IGCSE, we had the ability to build a curriculum that meets the specific needs of the learners.

With IGCSE programmes, learners develop more than just a thorough understanding of their subjects. They develop thinking skills, as well, of a higher order in order to apply the subjects they have learned. Dialogue between teachers and students extends out of the classroom, to the field, gym, and common halls. The primary objective is to generate a certain level of confidence among our students, confidence to speak, confidence to do, and confidence to achieve. The students learn the skills necessary to work independently and the skills to collaborate.

C.P. Goenka International School (CPGIS), Juhu is an authorized school for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

The IB Programmes are internationally recognized and research based involving rigorous work undertaken by the students. The core elements of the Diploma Programme - Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), Theory of Knowledge (ToK) and Extended Essay (EE) together with subjects from six groups as defined by IB will be offered by our school.

The subjects are chosen from the groups-

  • Studies in Language and Literature

  • Language Acquisition

  • Individuals and Societies

  • Sciences

  • Mathematics

  • The Arts

This elite programme is the best qualification for your wards to prepare them to become future language experts, successful business entrepreneurs, scientists, economists and artists. Express your interest in the IBDP of our school here. 

C. P. Goenka International School in Juhu has come to be known as the top provider of quality education as we offer stimulating and flexible curriculum, supported by excellent resource and training.

We strive to bring improvement of performance among our pupils by developing skills in enquiry, problem solving, and creative thinking. They are encouraged to develop confidence and an international outlook, and become global citizens. This is what makes us the best international school in Juhu.