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Parent's Testimonials

"I am very happy with the teaching, encouragement and support given. Thank you for all the support. Hope it continues to be the same."


"Insightful about Anya, what she is like in class. Look forward for more such meets."


"The interaction was informative and two way. All questions and concerns were addressed, please continue with these sessions. Thank you."


"We would like to thank everyone at Spring Buds for awonderful experience through Neytra's early, formative years. The most striking feature about the school is its holistic, diverse and personal approach towards education. Its open environment encourages children to blossom into being themselves, as confident, joyful and respectful individuals. We also look forward to may such engaging and interactive sessions."


Dear Ma'am,
Trust the CP Goenka's staff and their families are all well..!!
Just wanted to share a feedback, that the school is really doing a good job in this pandemic and that too with unexpected challanges, and keeping our kids n our spirits high to fight back..
Specially for my kiddo Vihana Thakkar, since I had just taken the admission this year and that too just before the lockdown wherein she had not seen her school too. and I was just getting worried that how she is going to settle in the school, since we didn't knew any teachers nor she had any friends in this school.
But I want to say a big thanks to Samruddhi Ma'am for making my kiddo feel comfortable in a class, since the way she has made a bonding with my kiddo and that too in an online sessions , that's really commendable..!!. Vihana doesn't feel like that it's her new school or she has not met teacher in person.
And even school curriculum is also designed very well and it's very well articulated and teachers are taking it up really well by teaching them difficult things in a simple and in a play way manner..
Big Thanks To Samruddhi Ma'am, Co- teachers And To School Too.!! N Keep up the good work..!!
Also Wishing All the staff of CP Goenka and their families A Very Happy And Safe Diwali in advance.!!.

Jarna Bhiwandiwala Thakkar

- Kids Name - Vihana Thakkar Sr. Kg-J

"Dear ma'am,
This is Bala's mom from grade 4. 'Cave of knowledge ' event arranged by the school was really useful and it cleared all my doubts about IGCSE board.The efforts which has been taken by the school is really appreciable. I am so happy to be the part of this CP Goenka family.Thank you so much team and wish you all great success in the upcoming future too."

Nalini Mahadevan

"Dear Madam(s),
Thanks for the wonderful day and it was rich experience for all of us. Content was explained very well and thanks to Principal madam and Archana madam for pitching in to clear queries. We had great walk through for other activities like STEAM , Reuse & Recyle Activity and Integrated Learning. I will give 5 stars to Suneela madam's session and for taking us through Integrated Learning. It was wonderful and she explained every concept in details and with additional inputs ( in spite of being only 4 parents participation) . I request you do to do more sessions with her . Also, as per communication , we were informed about only Cambridge session and not about other activities. Iam sure more parents might have turned out and gone through other wonderful sessions conducted by school, if it was also communicated. Once again, thanks for taking out your Sunday and ensuring that we all had great time. "

Narasimha Murthy & Nagamani#CPGISPUNE

"Dear Principal ma'am, Teachers and the whole team of C P Goenka Int. Pune, Thank you for putting up a super Annual concert 2019". We appreciate the efforts and hard work by the whole team. We were in show 2. The main character of Sher Khan did a fabulous job. Its a good idea of having two shows and ensuring all the kids are given a chance to participate. We were very happy that the music kids were actually reading the music and playing. Though they needed much more practice since they were so many of them but they did a wonderful job. Kuddos to the teacher for planning and executing the whole program. Looking forward to attending many more such programs in the future. Best wishes to the whole team of CPGIS Pune."

Sonali Khullar

"Dear Team,
Thank you for putting a fantastic event together for us and kids" Annual concert 2019". Appreciate the efforts and hard work by team. I really love the idea of having two shows and ensuring all the kids are given chance to participate. I could see that lot of thinking was done while putting smallest part of the event getting planned and executed. Thanks to all CPGIS team for their great work and efforts. "


Hi Rashmi & Alisha Mam,
My heartiest congratulations and appreciation on organizing a fabulous and extremely convenient annual concert of CPGIS. Kudos to all the kids for such an enthralling performance and the efforts of yourself and your team in preparing the kids for the same. The best part was this was done in the vicinity of the school and place where majority of the kids reside . Splitting it in two sessions not only gave the opportunity of larger roles and stage time for individual kids and saved time of parents as well. Although I understand this would have been just doubling the efforts for you and your team, hence we as parents are grateful for the same. A big thank you to you and your team."


"Dear Ma'am ,
First and foremost my heartiest congratulations to you and your splendid team in organizing a superlative Annual Concert on Sunday , the 01st of December , 2019. It was lovely to see the children perform so seamlessly and effortlessly. My compliments to your team who have tirelessly worked round the clock in putting together a full filled and a memorable afternoon . It was also a proud moment for all the parents to be a part of the CPGIS family which has been recognized and awarded various accolades during the course of this year. Looking forward to being a part of many more milestones with the institute."

Rajani Pillai

Welcome to the colourful world of the Amazon forest in C. P. Goenka Int. School, Wagholi, Pune where you find monkeys hanging from the trees and hear waterfalls and birds chirping in the background. Lions, tigers and giraffes looking at you.A make do safari car for kids to sit behind the wheel and be photographed. Creative Dinosaur parks, music rooms and you hop and jump on a floor game of snakes and ladders. Come meet the little live rabbits, persian cats and African love birds. Let the kids feel and hold the little white rats and birds on their hands. Kudos to the teachers, staff and everyone in C P Goenka Int. School to create such a wonderful environment for the kids to experience. "

Sonali Khullar

We would like to express our deep gratitude and thanks to Ashwinder ma'am for making the first 10 mins of class interactive and making it riddle time. Avyukt loves it, Avyukt learnt to make his own riddles there and there itself on the things around him. For ex he was drinking water from his bottle and on spot he made riddle " I have head and body, I have no internal organs no skeleton no hands and legs I m filled with water,  who m I" I was so amazed to hear that.He made many riddles same way in the class. He is using the same technique in other classes as well, and we didn't helped him in making any riddle, he is doing it by himself. Once again thanks to you and all the teachers for taking so much efforts. It's highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards

 Dollie Sud 


Dollie Sud

I am taking this as an opportunity to appreciate my kid Viaan's teacher Kunjal and Priya for their involvement, innovation and dedication. When this virtual schooling started I never thought if this would actually work as my kid was quite introvert and he was very small to understand the new pattern of virtual learning. But to my surprise I am very ecstatic to see my kid's improvement and this credit goes to both these teachers who are making this learning a fun. I am amazed to see, though being an online learning  a teacher can teach a child to hold a grip on pencil which is very difficult at his age( no doubt it would have been different during physical schooling). 


I am very happy with the curriculur and I truly believe it was a high time to appreciate them.


Once again thank you so much!! 


Kind Regards,

Puja Shetty

( Mother of Viaan Shetty- Nursery C) 


Viaan Shetty- Nursery C

Dear Arati Ma’am,

First of all I would like to congratulate you and your team for wonderfully organizing the event 'Tea Party with moms and grandmoms'. Event gave grandmoms an opportunity to showcase their talents and relive old memories making them immensely happy.

And as the year is coming to an end, I would like to share my thoughts about the online classes managed by school. 

Online classes can never substitute physical ones but after a year of attending the online classes, I can confidently say the way of conducting classes, the curriculum, methodology adapted by your school has left no stone unturned to make the classes at par with the physical ones. 

As a parent, I am fully satisfied with the online classes. My son too looks forward to attending class every morning which itself explains that even he is enjoying the learning process. 

All thanks to you and your team for clearing all our apprehension we had regarding our kids' studies during these tough times, by managing all of it so well. 


Swapnil Singh

Mother of Vivaan Singh 

Junior KG ‘C’.


Vivaan Singh , Junior KG