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Explore new age learning formats with C.P Goenka International school in Mumbai

November 5, 2019

Living in a fast paced world of today, the millennial and the generation Z are grasping things really quickly. From having a four year old being proficient in handling an I-pad to a 10 year old, making his first ever robot or developing a machine; the children of today are born inventors and innovators picking new things with the tick of a clock. Keeping up with this fast learning abilities of the children and making their enhanced IQ all the more enriching, educators are now increasingly relying on experiential learning as the latest technique to ensure effective education to the students. Developed as a modern technique of education compiling experiences with learning with a motive to collaborate practical existing concepts of the students with new theoretical knowledge learned through textbooks, the experiential learning approach has witnessed successful development of kids across every age group and is increasingly being adopted by several renowned institutions globally.

Among the several international school in Mumbai, C.P Goenka International School is one such stellar institutions that has not only become one of the first international school in Mumbai to have adopted the technique of experiential learning but has also become one of the first ones to have developed a comprehensive academic curriculum for every age group with experiential learning at its core. In today’s highly competitive and dynamic world, children are developing and prepping themselves for more than one career options by pursuing advanced critical thinking, creative and analytical courses. In addition to this, with additional hobby classes, online and offline workshops and extra activity classes, parents are also prepping their kids to be updated with the latest trends and stand ahead and thrive with their diverse portfolio of skills.

Thus, C.P Goenka International School being one of the leading international school in Mumbai has seamlessly integrated new techniques of learning in order to match with the children’s aptitude levels and to prepare them for the dynamics of the world outside of school. With exemplary infrastructure that supports the experience and learning approach, C.P Goenka International School has set up innovation labs, e-library, science labs, workshop spaces and studios in order to provide students with avenues for experiencing with learning. At the same time, the curriculum at C.P Goenka International School also relies heavily on case based approach and application based approach, where teachers not only create simulations of the problems for the children but also helps them solve it using their own understanding in order to help them learn and grow efficiently and realistically.

Gone are the days when didactic and rote style of learning ruled the education system with children playing a passive role in the learning process dictated by teachers. Today, with the adoption of collaborative learning techniques such as group discussions, self-study and the latest experiential learning approach, children have become active drivers of the learning process thereby facilitating their own unique journey of growth and development. Children of today are known to be active initiators of learning inculcating curiosity for critical and analytical thinking right from their young kindergarten days. At the same time, parents are also playing an active role in the kid’s development today by putting them in additional skill development and personality development classes and workshops ensuring their overall growth and development. Thus, experiential learning comes in as one of the most effective technique for learning in order to fit with the unique and highly developed thinking patterns of the children and also ensure overall mental and physical development of the child. With our unique three steps pronged learning cycle of –think, plan and do, we make students active participants of their own learning process creating their very own understanding of concepts through experience and practical applications.

While experiential learning forms the base framework of academics in C.P Goenka International School, being an international School in Juhu, we also supplement the learning process of the students through our unique and state of the art infrastructure and spacious campus. Also allowing students the freedom and the liberty to grow and learn across the campus. Living in a metro city, students rarely get the space and the opportunities to enjoy external activities and therefore with our fully equipped campus we provide the needed space for students to try various activities. From sports arena, turfs, gaming zones and outdoor play areas to activity spaces like music room, dance studios and even art labs enabling students with ample opportunities to explore experiment and pursue their very own passions and interests.

We, at C.P.Goenka International School are driven by a vision for developing global citizens of tomorrow and therefore continuously aim at building, nurturing and developing students holistically prepping them for a better tomorrow and a better world for themselves.