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Collate, collaborate, escalate: cognitive excellence

December 11, 2019

It is the simplest things that cause the greatest change. Ever imagined how hard they are to achieve compared to the more complicated ones? Sometimes we spend a life time chasing the complex ones not knowing that true, pure contentment lies in the basic essentials irrespective of supremacy and wealth.

Having acquired a degree in teacher training I was very well aware that it wouldn’t be a cake walk nor would my life be peachy as those of my cousins who pursued other careers in life. Well… I never expected nor wanted it that way. Working each day at CP Goenka, one of the best international schools in Pune, has been a roller coaster ride; demanding tasks, meeting deadlines, long hours of planning, limited beauty sleep and the list goes on. Also, with the introduction of IGCSE schools in Pune, the curriculum has become even more detailed and elaborate. The only emotion that prevails is the fight for survival and the persistent effort to excel in education.

Educating students hasn’t been the same as before. With the advent and prevalence of the internet, we have globally connected with each other alleviating our issues and making us accessible to knowledge and technology at large, which can be further collated for beneficial teaching learning development. Knowledge acquired in one field can be utilized in another. Proper logic and reasoning can help amalgamate facts to enhance cognitive aptitude. I truly believe that the ubiquitous surge of communication is a continuous work in progress – assisting enrichment of knowledge

When I was at school, we had to listen to my mother’s most heart breaking story of how school students in those days never missed school on the 15th August, Independence Day (even during heavy rains) just to receive a packet of Parle G biscuit and hence we had to eat everything on our plates, no matter how awful, because some starving child would have been grateful for it in some part of the world- something I learnt to value much later in life after experiencing hunger and pain myself. But the world is smaller now, and we are able to reach out at the click of a button. With the number of IGCSE schools in Pune increasing gradually, collaborating, serving and educating masses has brought about a comprehensive and connected outlook in our cognitive skills.

While a child, I remember being surrounded by family, friends, books, home-cooked warm meals and not to forget the petrichor accompanying the first rains. But, wait… I forgot the toys and the gadgets! Well… I never really had many so I guess I spent a lot of my time with my parents and also made a whole lot of friends. Parents now a day feel that they can compensate for the time they don’t spend with their child by buying them accessories. Education plays an important role in inculcating a sound value system amongst the kids. Some of best international schools in Pune have started to focus more on experiential learning and imparting culture.

But it is the little things in life which can never be compensated. A warm hand shake, an encouraging pat on the back, a simple smile can escalate the development skill. A sound education, with collaborative techniques of teaching and learning can bring about a sound growth in your child because it’s always the simplest things that cause the greatest change.

-Ms. Sunila Gunjikar

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