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About C P Goenka International School

C.P Goenka International School in Mumbai, Pune and Thane is a prestigious educational hub for "Learning that matters". It is here that we advocate the importance of well defined development of Personality with Percentage, leading to the holistic development of the learners.


Our Pride

Ved Biyani
World Topper
Astala Yalnaz
World Topper
English Language
Neha Saboo
World Topper
Business Studies
Tvisha Goenka
National Topper
Ameya Rane
World Topper
EVM (2012-13) &
National Topper
Physics (2013-14)
Boards We Offer
ICSE Thane

CPGIS, one of the top ICSE schools in Thane, strives to achieve the holistic development of individual learners by providing myriad meaningful opportunities to them to quench the thirst of creativity, reasoning, spirit of inquiry and analysis. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations is committed to provide high quality educational endeavours, to empower learners to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society, promoting introspective living, by creating exciting learning opportunities, with a commitment to excellence, which is what exactly at CP Goenka International School aim to provide for our students, making us stand apart from the crowd and ranking continuously in best ICSE schools in Thane.
At CPGIS, a beautiful blend of the Council’s endeavour and the School’s philosophy is experienced by its learners.
CP Goenka is a well renowned name among ICSE Schools in Thane West as we have incorporated the creative pedagogy, and the ICSE philosophy adopted by teachers consists of various activities like debate, Street Plays, Power Point Presentations, research, Group discussions, etc. thereby making the entire learning process learner centric satisfying the ethos of the Council and instilling skills like communication, collaboration, creativity, analytical skills in learners.
The projects are the integral and vital element of the CISCE curriculum. These projects are enquiry based which involves a step by step process that begins with research, followed by brain storming sessions, group discussions leading towards the final presentations and documentation. Thus, the learners take onus of their own topics and their own performances.
We at CPGIS believe in the fact that a well-qualified and trained farmer yields best quality crops. And hence, the faculty is selected carefully as per the requirement of the Council. Being one of the best ICSE school in Thane , we ensure the learners are well prepared for the Board Examination by the experienced and enthusiastic faculty who strive for excellence. They are also given an opportunity to develop by exposing them to various training sessions, cell meets and Board paper correction opportunity.Thus, the entire teaching – learning process at CPGIS becomes enjoyable assuring holistic development of learners as well as teachers.


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level board of education in India for public and private schools, controlled and managed by Union Government of India, and is offered at CPGIS Pune, one of the the best CBSE schools in Pune. With a contemporary outlook and modern infrastructure, CP Goenka is a top choice for parents looking for top CBSE schools in Pune. A combination of local relevance and international exposure, is what we aim to achieve for our students who opt for the CBSE programme, which is why we are on our way to becoming the best CBSE school in Pune.

IGCSE - Mumbai, Pune and Thane

At CP Goenka International School, one of the best international schools in Mumbai, Pune and Thane, we cater to holistic development of the child, nurturing the child with a practical approach by following the linguistic guidelines prescribed by the NEP that ensures the child being inquisitive and inventive. Being one of the top IGCSE schools in Mumbai, and consistently ranked as a top international school in Thane and Pune, we ensure activity based learning that enables the students to hone various academic skills like reading, listening, critical thinking and creativity. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is offered by the University of Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE), and is preferred as a leading choice for learners wanting to have a futuristic outlook both academically and otherwise, which is why CPGIS is a top IGCSE board school in Mumbai and similarly, a top IGCSE board school in Pune and Thane for your young learner, Student centered learning facilitates to engage the children during the class by hands on activities and helps intellectual determination in young learners to interact within groups that supports self-learning and collaboration, have made us a choice for parents looking to enrol their children in top international schools in Pune. Continuous evaluation helps in identification of the areas of improvement that helps the child progress towards excellence.


Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary Levels (AS Levels) and Cambridge International Advanced Levels (A Levels) are qualifications usually taken in the final two years of high school, and are offered at CP Goenka International School, listed as one of the most prestigious International School in Mumbai and international school in Pune. AT CPGIS, we intend on developing unique skills such as content proficiency, independent learning, analysis and application of acquired knowledge, logical thinking and articulation, these qualifications are awarded by the University of Cambridge at top international schools in Mumbai, Thane and Pune, CP Goenka being an exalted choice. This course offers flexible subject choices in almost any combination giving students the freedom to specialize or study a range of subjects, combining with global infrastructure making our school a top choice when parents are looking for top international schools in Pune and top international schools in Thane as well. Aimed at honing young learners with syllabuses that are international in outlook but retain local relevance, we are torch bearers in global education, making us repeatedly feature as part of best international schools in Mumbai and best international schools in Thane.


CP Goenka International School, arguably one of the most renowned IB schools in Mumbai, empowers students by equipping them with a varied yet balanced academic structure. Through the use of integration and collaboration, the curriculum at CPGIS, Oshiwara allows students to develop holistically. These student centric activities at this best IB school in Mumbai sharpen critical thinking skills among the learners by emphasizing upon intertextuality within, and across, disciplines. Being in the top 10 IB Schools in Mumbai, the program promotes learning beyond the four walls of a classroom and ensures that each student benefits from enriching opportunities which can help them become a true global citizen.