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What to Expect from CBSE Schools in Pune

January 10, 2020

Among the numerous aspects, the parents, as well as the students, need to consider while entering the more serious phase of their academic years is the need to choose an education board. When it comes to doing so, there are multiple options that are made available by the top international schools in Mumbai. The different boards the students get to pick from are CBSE, ICSE, State Board, International Cambridge University and IBDP. To make an informed decision, it becomes crucial for both the parents and also the students to understand what curriculum these education boards have to offer.

What to Expect from CBSE Schools in Pune and Mumbai

Here is how we, the top international school in Mumbai, implement the CBSE curriculum.

CBSE has a thoroughly structured curriculum which is highly controlled as well. To successfully implement any set norms of education, having a curriculum supervisor who helps regulate the course and the teaching techniques deemed best for the particular education board, becomes an absolute must. It’s the collated effort of the supervisors along with the experienced faculty to teach the young students to excel in their education and resultantly in their careers. CBSE’s carefully planned curriculum has a deep focus on Maths and Science and tends to become the preferred choice for students opting to pursue research studies and higher education degrees. The CBSE curriculum benefits the students manifold. The educational instructors in the CBSE schools in Pune, apart from assuring academic excellence, instil in their students a natural flair for scientific, critical and logical thought that encourages the students to make use of the latest technologies and implement them to come up with smart innovations in their respective fields of interest in the future.

The CBSE education board also has another advantage over others for students aspiring to appear in medical, engineering or other higher competitive exams as it perfectly covers the required topics and has a similar syllabus. This provides the students with a chance to start preparing in advance for their future educational dreams. Furthermore, CBSE is planning to include an optional course on Artificial Intelligence which shall be made available in the CBSE schools in Pune and will give the students a unique opportunity to explore the newest fields of scientific development and give them a prompt start in-case they decide to follow a career in the field.

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